So I have some great things to tell you about today!

Firstly, remember how I said I was going to run for fifty minutes today? Well I did! I was very hot and sweaty, although my earbuds NEVER fell out of my ears!! 🙂 But I ran for fifty minutes. I thought I was going to die.

And those fifty minutes rounded out to six miles! SIX MILES!!!! Well, 6.14 miles to be exact! 😉 Which ends up being an 8:08 mile. And I had to walk a little. Yes, have I mentioned that I love being fast? This is a BIG new record for me! BIG. NEW. RECORD.

Anyways, it was a great run but it could have been better. It was lacking one aspect: my Garmin. I lost it. I couldn’t find it so I ended up just running without it. I was very very unhappy about it as you can see in this very sweaty after- picture of me.

No Garmin! 😦

That’s my Garmin wrist. It feels very exposed. I reached for my Garmin more than once, to stop it at red lights or to see how much time I had left! Instead of my Garmin, I used my iPod to time my run. Not quite the same.

Anyways, I had a great run and I am really sore now. But mostly I am just kinda impressed. I didn’t know I had six miles in me! 🙂 And also, I hadn’t run six miles since last November so I am really happy to have finished that distance again! 🙂

But, even though I was proud of my run, I was really upset that I couldn’t find my Garmin. Before my run, I had searched all over my room and my desk for it and finally gave up and went running. And when I got back I was feeling a little down about it so I just played basketball with Peter and then my friend came over so I hung out with her and Abby and she straightened my hair and put this “exotic oil” in it so it’s really smooth and shiny!!!

Beautiful hair! 🙂

So, I was happy about that! 🙂

After dinner, I had the house to myself, so I cleaned up the kitchen and read a magazine and then I was like, “Okay I’m just going to re-look through everything and try to find my Garmin.” So, I cleaned up my room: folded my clothes, straightened up my closet, MADE MY BED, cleaned under my bed (this NEVER happens). I mean, my room? It looks PRETTY clean right now! And then I straightened up my desk too. I threw away a bunch of old papers, put all my books where they are supposed to go. But still I just couldn’t find my Garmin.

I didn’t know where else to look. So I walked around the house and tried to think of WHERE ELSE IT COULD BE. Then I noticed there were some bags around my desk, so I was like, “Well, I might as well just put those away” And, you’ll NEVER guess what I found!

Actually, you probably knew where I was going with this when I started the story.

So, anyways, I pick up the bags and I look down and my GARMIN is sitting there!

I was so excited! I looked like a little kid in a candy store, that’s how big my smile was! I was like, “THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!” I was so glad I had picked up those bags!

So I found it!

So maybe I have an issue that I love my Garmin so much. But, hey! My lack of it caused me to “deep-clean” my room (I never vacuum. Never) as well as my desk.

3 thoughts on “Garmin-less

  1. lilisocean says:

    yay!! I’m so glad you found it!

  2. Roberts says:

    Great job getting out there. That is not a bad pace at all. I don’t know what I would do without my Nike Sportswatch. There have been more than a couple times I had to postpone my run to wait for it to charge. Keep on running!

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