Part Uno

Dear DVD Release people-

My dad wants to see The Artist and he doesn’t want to wait until JUNE.

What is taking so long?

Please send my dad a complementary DVD of the movie or we will sue you for making us be patient in a world of ‘Here & Now’.

Love  Hate,


Ten minutes ago, Dad asked me to look up when The Artist came out on DVD cause he wants to see it.

I was like,”DAD!! Why does it take so long for movies to come out on DVD??”

I mean it’s already been in theaters for awhile so why do they have to wait until June to release it on DVD? It’s not like it takes super long for them to make a copy of a DVD, not with today’s technology!!

He goes, “CLAIRE!! Why does it take so long for movies to come out on DVD??”

I’m like, “I have no idea. I just asked you!”

He goes, “Well you should write a letter of complaint to them.”

So I did. Did you read it? It’s up at the top! It’s a great letter. Full of enthusiasm.

I haven’t gotten a reply yet.


3 thoughts on “Part Uno

  1. Isabel says:

    What’s their address? Maybe I should write them too!! lol ;P

  2. lilisocean says:

    hahah that is true, why DOES it take them so long???

  3. The Waiting says:

    When The Royal Tennenbaums first came out, I think I saw it in the theatre like 4 times. I was obsessed! I felt like it took FOREVER for it to finally come out on DVD. And even when it finally did, it cost like $35 because this was back in the day when the technology was still kind of new. Man, now I sound like an old lady!

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