It’s a Windy Day

Remember how in this post I was talking about how I make these grand plans at 11 at night and then the next day I have no motivation to run.

Well, last night, I decided I was going to run five to seven miles. Totally do-able.

Except for one tiny little fact, the wind.

Actually it was a huge fact.

It’s always easier to run when it’s not windy out. Obviously. But in most states, the wind is fairly mild (unless you’re in Kansas during tornado season or whatever). Unfortunately, in Chicago in the spring, we get these INCREDIBLY strong winds.

For a couple of days, it has been super windy and stormy.

Today I decided that I’d run down to the track and just do my run there so I’d be close to home in case a spring storm sprung.

It didn’t rain but the wind was very strong.

I read in a running magazine that when you run into the wind you burn like 10 percent as many calories or something, so I can’t complain there . But the wind was dragging me around. I could feel it whipping at my feet as I ran the curves of the track and then in one direction the wind pushed me and in the other direction I pushed against the wind. That’s why I only ran 3.5 miles. It wasn’t five miles and it most definitely wasn’t seven miles but I’m still okay with it. It was REALLY windy and I also played basketball and roller-bladed with my little brothers so I think that I got my exercise in, even if it wasn’t through running! 🙂

But, tomorrow I might make up for my lack of mileage today… just cause… 🙂

How’s your training going? On second thought, how’s the weather?


3 thoughts on “It’s a Windy Day

  1. Ben Ziegler says:

    In the country, (USA? Just kidding) where I live, it’s bare and cornfield-y, and the wind is often blasting me when I run. There’s a multitude of other hardships, like people mowing their lawns and blowing grass into my lungs, broken asphalt chunks to trip on, and stinky horse ponds to get past… : )

    • Okaaay…then maybe I should stop complaining!!! But I’m just going to say I’m a light-weight short little girl who gets very easily blown around by the wind!!! 😉
      Kudos to you for running through all that though!!!!

  2. Hi
    Just thought I would second Claire it was way windy the other day. I went land sailing and almost lost control of my sail-car I was going so fast (20mph+) as is I have to repair the sail. I also ran 4 miles after sailing and it was brutal going into the wind. Wish I had a track. 🙂

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