My Running-Non-Running Day

Today I would have gone on a run.

It was beautiful running weather. Beautiful. A little chilly, but sunny. Minimum wind.

Unfortunately, I was not having a beautiful day.

I’m sick.

Not like fever-sick. Or barfing-sick. Thank God.

Just gross-sick. I have a sore throat. Not even a sore throat. I didn’t even realize it was classified as a “sore throat” until like one in the afternoon, when it turned into a legitimate sore throat. In the morning, I kept clearing my throat and coughing. And sneezing.


I really did want to run today.

Since I am going to be gone from Thursday to Monday, I am going to be missing some big mileage days and also because I ran such a small amount yesterday I really need to run if I am going to run nine miles this week! (Five and a half miles tomorrow? I can’t wait…. :P)

Anyways. I didn’t run. Because I’m sick. And I know there are LOTS of tough runners out there who’d be like, “A sore throat?? Praise God! The more pain, the better!!!! Hallelujah! What a great day this is!!! I can run with a sore throat! I am tough!! I am crazy! I am out of my mind!”

I am not that crazy runner.

I am a tired-out, sore-throated girl who is going on a 13-hour road trip in a couple of days.

But, I am really hoping that I will feel better tomorrow because I am going to the mall tomorrow and I do want to go on a run eventually!!! Actually, I might go running while I am in Virginia which is kinda awesome.

One last thing. I can’t find my camera. I know I had it at Easter. Can’t remember since then though. If anyone sees it, please tell me. 🙂 It’s red. And I really want it back!!!


2 thoughts on “My Running-Non-Running Day

  1. Isabel says:

    Aww I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. runningcorgi says:

    You made the smart decision. A sore throat is nothing you can take lightly. Feel better soon and have a good trip!

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