I am having mixed emotions right now.

I am really happy.

I have been having a great couple of days! Running is going well. School is going well. Things are ending. Seriously! In the last couple of days, piano and speech ended!

At my piano recital:


At the last day of speech today:

ImageI am so so glad that school is coming to an end! I have had a great year but I am ready for summertime!

I got to babysit which always makes me happy! 🙂

And we went to Panera for dinner! 😀

This is why I am sad:

I am sharing the link so you can check out the blog but for those of you who won’t I am going to summarize.

When Avery was born five months ago, she was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease. She was given eighteen months to live. Her parents set aside their grief and created a blog written by “Avery” called Avery’s Bucket List. They created a long list of things they wanted their daughter to experience during her short time here on earth. They would update with pictures and stories of her experiences as she accomplished them.

I only recently found her blog because Yahoo! featured it on their news page. It really touched my heart and I planned to continue to read it.

Avery died yesterday.

I only “met” Avery two days ago, yet reading that news, made me cry. Hard. I am so impacted by her story. The fact that her parents opted to give her a good time, rather than just cry about what was eventually going to happen.

Avery’s blog has gotten over three million views and touched countless lives. If you were to check Avery’s blog or the Yahoo! news (–abc-news-topstories.html), you would see all the sweet and heart-felt comments from millions of random people.

Please join me in praying for comfort for Avery’s parents.


One thought on “Impact

  1. The Waiting says:

    That is so hard. I simply cannot imagine what her parents are going through. It’s scary to even condider. One of my good friend’s very young nieces is on a similar downward trajectory where she isn’t expected to make it to the end of the year due to an incurable condition. The challenges placed on these babies and especially their parents are beyond comprehension. Our prayers for them and their families are really the only thing that I imagine sustain them, so in giving them those, we really are giving them the greatest gift we can right now.

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