Being Happy

Well! I’ve been having a great couple of days! And I feel like doing a photo post so I will put up reasons why my life is good and you all can go ahead and guess! 😀 Actually scratch that. I’m going to post the pictures and then tell you why they make me happy, ‘kay?


These are snacks from Trader Joe’s that my mom bought for Abby and I while we study for our AP tests. There was more yesterday… This makes me happy because a) I love food b) Trader Joe’s has the best snacks and c) I feel a part of this “soon-I-am-going-to-college”, very mature, smart club!

ImageI got my ACT scores back yesterday! I am so shocked by my scores, as are my parents!! Praise the Lord!! 😀 Getting these scores back, gave me some faith in my test-taking abilities…


It feels like summer! It is humid and sunny and just amazing! Even though I have not stopped sweating since my freezing shower I took yesterday and even though my hair is frizzy and hard to deal with and even though the only clothes that I truly feel comfortable in right now is my underwear (or bathing suit). I am NOT complaining! I simply adore summertime!! I love the heat, I love the freedom and optional laziness, I love the way it smells, I love how beautiful everything is! And I love how close I am to that freedom!!


This is the most amazing website in the world. They have tons of videos covering all these different AP subjects. I have been watching biology videos on here and they are so informative and helpful!


Mom let me borrow her laptop so I joined Abby up in our room and our room has been converted into the AP study room. I have been studying for the Biology AP since last night at 7. I did go to bed. The great thing about getting to be up here or actually just using a laptop is that I can sit on a chair that actually has a back so I don’t get the backaches that I usually get when I sit at the computer. COMFORT IS KEY WHEN STUDYING!!

ImageAwesome friends who encourage me!!! And remembrances of good times! Such as trying on prom dresses with the amazing Meri!!! Hopefully more good times like this will happen this summer also!!! 😀

And one more thing:


It’s this little dude’s birthday!! He’s turning nine!

Here is a more recent picture:


I love you Petey! Hope you are going to feel sufficiently celebrated this weekend!!!



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