I am super happy right now.

That could be the congratulations caffeine talking…but I don’t think it is because everything just went amazingly! I got a good sleep last night. Actually a better sleep than I’ve gotten in a long time! Absolutely uninterrupted, I went to bed at the record-breaking time of 10!! And got up at 6:28 ( 2 minutes before my alarm went off!!! 😉 ) Anyways, I woke up this morning and wasn’t nervous at all! A sweet email from my amazing friend Meri, was the cherry on top! 🙂

Im praying for you on your AP test! You’re th smartest 9th grader i no! And my best friend! I love you and know that what ever score you get wotnt chagen ANYTHING and ill think you’re amazing for trying your best!!!!!!
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
God Help Claire to do Great on her AP! You’ve blessed her with an amazing mind and awesome skills to get a great score on the ACT! Please help her and strengthen her! THank you Lord for giving her the opportunity to be her and to take the AP test, AND to be my BEst Friend! You graced me with finding her! THank you for everything, and just bless hermind and help her to get the best possible grade she can get!
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.
I am so thankful that I checked my email right before I left because this really just made me the happiest girl in the world! 🙂
The test itself passed uneventfully. I felt a lot better prepared this year than last year and I feel like the whole thing overall went pretty amazing. I know that’s not always a good sign, but it’s not just a feeling, like I can think back to what I wrote and answers I chose and feel really confident about it. Our writing prompts were really fun also!  🙂 They were about topics that we had learnt about so that was a nice surprise. The speaking part went a LOT better than I had hoped!! There are two parts to speaking. We have a simulated conversation and then also we have to give a 2-minute oral presentation. I usually fail at the conversation but I did pretty good I think and my oral presentation went alright even though I ran out of time… Mom said, “Are you kidding me?! It’s great that you ran out of time! That just means that you had so much to say that you didn’t have enough time!!” I go, “Is it still amazing if for the first 20 seconds I stuttered and “um”-ed until I finally got into my groove??” She started laughing! 😛
Anyways I just want to say thank you SO much to everyone who prayed! I really felt so blessed by all of you who promised to pray for me, by your sweet words of encouragements and your good wishes! 🙂 I truly do not think at this point, that anything could have gone better! So thank you thank you thank you! And Thank You God for helping me so much!!!!!!
For those of you who have/are subscribed to my blog and got the “un-edited” version of this post: So sorry for the mistake on my ACT scores!!!

One thought on “AP RecAP

  1. Glad, your feeling better about the test:) Hope it goes well/went well! Remember by trusting in God you can do anything!!! Keep it up!!!

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