I’m Done!!! (Kinda)

I guess the end- of- the- year rush has caught up to me because it’s been almost a week since I’ve last posted! *gasp* 

Several times this week I have thought about posting but…basically all I did this week was study, study, study! And that, I can assure you, does not make for an interesting blog post, unless you are interested in  convergent evolution and allopatric speciation because that is basically what I have been learning about. Well, I am guessing my post would have been “AP Biology in 500 words” or “I hate the world” cause that’s pretty much been my basic feelings. That’s how I feel when I’m tired and stressed. But, this morning I took my AP test and praise the Lord I am FINALLY finished with AP weeks!!! I have a week and a half of school left! And I am happy!

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! It was beautiful here yesterday!! It really feels like summer which can only add to the great mood that I am in right now! It’s like 79 degrees and sunny and warm! 

Today I got to babysit for four hours which was awesome cause I haven’t gotten to babysit in awhile! We went on a bike ride and then we had a water fight and it was really fun! 🙂 Then after dinner I went on a run! Now, it’s common knowledge (inside my brain anyways) that when I’m tired I don’t run well. On Friday, I ran five miles but it was very tiring and I was slow. So today I ran three miles and it was a beautiful run. I really enjoy my evening runs because everyone is out and about and it’s sunny and I’m relaxed. Anyways, so I have decided that every single run that I have is enjoyable. I always feel better after my runs. Always. Tired, yes. But always better. So, then, each one is worth it! It’s always worth it to move yourself even if it’s only a mile!  But of course, I am saying this on a good running day so I’m not sure how reliable my “Every run is a good run” spiel actually is! 🙂

I still need lots of sleep but tomorrow I have NOTHING!! Except for like 15 minutes of school so I plan to sleep! And sleep and sleep! It’s okay, you can be jealous! 😉 Have I mentioned that I love summer? I think that I have.

Anyways, because I JUST today finished my “studying days” and have just today OFFICIALLY “emerged from the cave” (aka come out of my room from hard-core studying for two and a half weeks), I don’t actually have that much to say. Yet. But I will. I will. 

I’m opinionated and I know it. I know that an opinion that I want to share will strike soon enough! And then I will be back! 🙂

What have you all been up to lately?

2 thoughts on “I’m Done!!! (Kinda)

  1. Ben Ziegler says:

    My mom got this book for me, “4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon”, which I dunno if I’ll try for, but the workouts have you take it a little easier during the week, and on Saturdays you do long runs, starting at 7 miles and going up 2 miles a week. I’m on the 2nd week… :>)

    • That is really awesome!!! That’s kinda what my half-marathon program was except obviously it was easier!!!! You have to tell me how the training goes cause it’s so exciting to train for something big like that!!! 🙂

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