I <3 To Run

Today I ran four miles. 

It wasn’t my best time or anything but I really enjoyed it. I was only planning on running three miles because I felt tired and unmotivated to run. But once my feet hit the pavement, I just kept going. I did a new course today. I started out on the trail that goes by our house but then curved off onto the college campus and then ran though areas of my town that I hadn’t really run through before! 🙂 It was really enjoyable.

See, I map out these runs online or in my head or whatever and then I run them over and over again. Then I get bored of running because I am seeing the same sights over and over again. So I decide to switch it up and start a new route but then it ends up just being a variation of the same route. Like instead of running the route in one direction, I’ll start from the opposite direction. Kinda lame.

Today when I started out I thought I would just do a three-mile run on the trail. But then I thought it would be fun to run through campus so I cut through there. Then I ended up on roads I have run on before and ran around on all the twisty scenic roads of our little suburb. I could have stopped at three but I kept on going and I’m really glad I did. It was a really great run even if I got tired and kinda slow (although I stayed at a sub-8 mile the entire run) and it was one of those runs that made me remember why I love running so much.

Just amazing. 

It was really hot out too. Or maybe I was just exerting myself more than usual? Who cares anyways? John says no one cares. 

So, pretty needless to say: I had an amazing day! 

Was your day awesome too?

9 thoughts on “I <3 To Run

  1. Jamie says:

    My day was great. I also went for a run! Unfortunately, I could only run for about a mile. . . Mostly because it was dark and also my asthma was acting up. =( but I still enjoyed it. I turned on my music and let all my worries disappear momentarily. . . =)

  2. jocob says:

    Fantastic Run!!! Have you ever thought about running a route so that when it is drawn on a mapped it looks like something? I saw it done once and it was really cool!!

  3. westy1998 says:

    Wow….so thats why you were never on G or anything I MISSED YOU and you didnt call mwa….LOL idc!!! ILLLL SEE YOU TODAYY

  4. Jamie says:

    Have you thought about running and track in college???? It might be fun!! =)

  5. Jamie says:

    I have a rwally good friend of mine who does that! She is my small group leader at church. =) I bet you wouldlove it! And you are def getting there girl!! =) I wish I weren’t an asthmatic so I might be able to run for as much without risk of an attack. . . =((

  6. I did yoga. It was awesome for me. I needed the stretch. Run Run Run

  7. Kelly! says:

    I swear, a change of scenery really makes all the difference!

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