Fancy Feet!!!!


You all haven’t seen this beautiful face in awhile!:)

Whoa! Wait a minute!! What is that?? Let’s zoom in a little bit:


Oh.My. Gosh! Well well well! You will never guess who is the proud owner of these spiffy shoes!

Well if you guessed me you were right!:)

Remember how I used to say that you don’t need fancy shoes to run? Well, I take that back! Okay, maybe you don’t need  them but you should DEFINITELY want them!!

A couple weeks ago I noticed that my blister level was significantly increasing and all good runners know that means its time for new shoes. So yesterday Dad took me for new shoes!

Gray and fluorescent pink and bright white Adidas shoes? And they’re brand new? And they’re comfortable? Sign me up! 🙂 They cost 70 bucks and are already worth every cent!! I now understand why people love buying new running shoes! My last shoes were awesome cause they were so well-used. I know that sounds weird but really I loved them because they were dirty and worn-out! It reminded me how devoted I am! 🙂 And it made me happy! These shoes are brand new, they are brightly colored, they are clean. But they don’t need to be dirty because as I run past they flash,”Look at me! I’m a devoted runner!!” Sorry.I’m a little in love right now!:)

I went for a run today (in my new shoes!)! It was such an amazing run!! My feet flew along! I took part of an old path and then curved off to a different part I had never run on before. It was amazing! I ran five miles and PR’d 3 times! I PR’d at three miles with a time of 21:30 and then again at the four-mile mark with something like 29:00 and then AGAIN at the five mile mark with approximately 37:50. Say what? And I actually thought I would have a bad run! But no. That was not a bad run! In fact, it was an amazing run and I haven’t had that good of a run in a long time!

Of course, all glory goes to God. He gives me my strength and endurance. He gives us the money for new shoes. He lets me live in a safe town, where I am free to run. He gives us beautiful weather. He’s awesome! 🙂

What have you been up to?

One last thing. You all should get a dailymile if you’re a runner! It’s an awesome way to track your mileage!:) And if you get it, friend me! 🙂 I think there’s a widget to my page on this blog! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fancy Feet!!!!

  1. Jamie says:

    I absolutely adore my Nike Reax!!!!! They were 85$ but I got them for 40$ at Kohl’s because I am such a Jew!!! HahHhaha! Actually it is called Koh’s cash. . 😉

  2. natnick says:

    omg!! I want new shoes!! Those look amazing! I thought u were a Nike girl thou? lol jk =). I wish we lived in a safer town, so we could run and bike all over!(without parentals) =)

  3. Ben Ziegler says:

    Nice! My grandparents from CO came to our house and stayed for five days, so I cut back a little on exercise and ate way too much leftover grad party desserts and restaurant food! But yesterday I ran 7.2 miles and swam a bunch, even with allergies!

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