Pretty Predictable

Guess what!

I actually ran today.

Truth be told, I was more surprised it happened than you all probably are. You probably just thought, if you thought of me at all, something like, “Well yesterday she said she was going to run today, so she probably will!”  No, see I like to think that I am a resolved person. If I make up my mind to do something, then I will do it. And that is mostly true. But there is one exception. And that’s when I’m tired. I’m the worst tired person in the world. I’m crabby and lazy and emotional. It’s not fun to be around.

But you already know that from past tired posts…

I’m going to be honest: When I got back from my job I had no plans of running today. I figured I’d just do it tomorrow (famous last words). But something happened. I don’t really know what it is, just like this urge or craving to go run. So I did.

It was really hard. Like insanely hard. It was a beautiful day for running though. It’s about 80 degrees but really breezy and altogether beautiful. But still. I hadn’t run for almost a week. And I haven’t really been cross-training unless we’re counting freezing in a pool for 3 hours as some sort of exercise…which I suppose that is pretty good fat burn (nah, I’m just kidding about that last part… 😉 ). I was a little out of shape to say the least.

At first, I was all like, “I love this! I love running! Wow, look at that: I’m running a 7:30 mile even though I haven’t run for 6 days! Well, aren’t I just Little Miss Athletic!”

That’s the first mile.

The second mile, I was thinking, “Okay Claire you can do this. Just listen to your music and zone out. Oh wow, look at you still holding that 7:30 pace. Well well well, aren’t we impressed!! Yes, we are.”

The third mile, I’m like, “So I think I should run four miles. If I don’t run four miles, I’m going to be mad at myself. I’ve got to run four miles. I’m almost halfway through my third mile anyways! I should just do this. I can do this. I can. I totally can. I’ve run farther…


Fourth mile, “Almost there. Almost there. Breathe. Run. Just run. It doesn’t matter if you look like a grandma runner (no offense, people), just keep running. Gonna die. Wait half a mile left. Turn on my pump-up song (Pretty Girl Rock)! I can do this. Heyy and do the pretty girl rock… okay point-one-five of a mile to go.”

And then there’s this hill I have to run up at the end of my route. It is not steep. But at this point, it is a killer. I feel that burn of an empty stomach. Running running running.

And done.

And I can barely breathe but WHO CARES? Cause I just finished four miles! That’s one extra mile than required by my coach during every run.

And now, I feel fantastic. As I always do.

And I’m so glad I went. As I always am.

Pretty predictable.




On Sleep and Other Things

I have been tired.

Very tired.

And when I’m tired this is what I do:

Yeah, if you are wondering I just put in a google image. Which is weird. And totally blogger-ish. I’m fun like that.

And too lazy to take an actual picture of myself reading. Which would be weird, also.


1. I will either be completely depressed, super slap-happy, or nonchalant. When I am well-rested/ normal I am a CONTROL freak, so if I’m nonchalant, then I am tired. Or completely depressed. Okay, so nonchalant and depressed go hand-in-hand. Yesterday, I was depressed. Today, however, I was just nonchalant. And kind of….in a different sphere, altogether.

2. I will ramble. On and on and on and on and on and on and on. And on. About anything and everything. And if something can link to my current subject of discussion in ANY way, shape, or form I will hop onto that subject. Oh wait. I do that all the time. Okay, so I guess #2 should be more so, I say complete nonsense. Such as someone will ask me a question and I will reply with complete gibberish or a totally off-topic response which has more to do with what I’m thinking about in the back of my mind than the topic at hand.

3. I will do nothing. Or drag myself to do very simple things. Such as, I was starving all day but too tired to actually rouse myself to go make something to eat. Did I mention that for the past three days all I’ve really done besides exercise (and eat) is read.

4. I will only wear workout clothes. Which is fine actually. Especially in the summer when that’s basically all I wear anyways. Actually, my lack of formality might have more to do with summer than my lack of sleep because during the school year I was exhausted but I still dressed up.

5. I will forget VERY IMPORTANT FACTS. Such as picking up my little brother from basketball camp at 11:15.

Shoot. You should have seen how fast I biked over to the college. Very soon after 11:30, a very guilty older sister arrived at the college gym to pick up her long-suffering and very forgiving little brother. He even reassured me that I will be a fine mom and most likely NOT forget my children.


I ran five miles on Tuesday. It was 80 degrees outside. VERY HOT. I saw a new record of people I know on that run. Naturally it would be the run where my face was bright red from the heat and I was sweating a bucket a second.! 😉 It was a beautiful run though. And I ran FIVE MILES!!!! Which is great. And I, afterwards, took a long shower. Long COLD shower. My face was still red after it.

I thought about running today. I actually kind of wanted to. But opted for reading instead. Maybe tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. Even three miles would be good. Or four.

Good night! 🙂

I make a discovery

Sickness is so unfun.

I am tired.

But that could be because I woke up at 6:30 today.

It could also be because I worked out at the track for half an hour and then came home, took a shower and worked out for another fifteen minutes. Oh, by the way, these are power workouts. Meaning packing the punch in a short amount of time cause that’s all I have…or else I get bored. Wait…do you want me to explain my workouts to you? Oh, you do? Grand!

So, my track workout is this:

We sprint the first curve, then walk  to the next curve and sprint that one. Then we run up and down the bleachers, equaling 449 stairs. Then we do 15 crunches and 10 push-ups. Complete 3 times. I was going to bring my Garmin today to get a calorie count but I forgot too. Next week, we will do four reps.

My at-home workout goes like this:

Five pull-ups…Now, now , now: Don’t laugh at that. Hopefully that number will rise! Anyways, after that ten crunches, then ten left-side crunches and ten right-side crunches. Then ten seconds of hanging from the bar, keeping your legs straight ( I don’t really know what to call that). Then, ten (once again, the number will rise soon enough) push-ups and ten leg lifts and ten full body crunches (Gracias a P90X). Repeat three times. It’s really fun.

Back to my main point, another reason I could be tired is because my body is fighting a cold.

Seriously? A cold? I haven’t gotten sick since pneumonia. Which was like three months ago. And I lived through that. And now a measly cold is taking me down. I am not loving this.

So why, you ask, am I writing a blog post instead of going to bed at the reasonable hour of ten? Because I like writing blog posts. And because I got 97 views yesterday (my new PR) and because I have some things to rant about( like being sick).

Okay, so y’all remember how earlier this year I was freaking out because of my winter-addiction to sugar? So I decided (keyword being decided) to go off sugar for a week. And how proud I was that I had abstained from sugar for ONE. WHOLE. WEEK! Yes, big feat in my world. Well, now my parentals have decided that we’re all going to do that. Well, not quite that extreme, but the kind of no sugar that includes having sugar like once a WEEK!!!!!!! 😦

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like when other people tell me what to do. Especially when it involves eating sugar. But seeing as they are my parents and they’re the ones making the rules, paying the bill, and buying the food. There’s not much I can do about it.


Can you tell that sugar is a big part of my life?

Yes? Good.

Point made.

On the flip side. I went to Goodwill today and got these really cute hot-pink/black Nike running shorts!!! And another pair of American Eagle shorts. And a grey Tommy Hilfiger v-neck and an Ann Taylor sleeveless tank. See? This is why I love Goodwill. I got four awesome things for $14, where as at normal prices those four things would have cost roughly $114. That rocks.

And I just realized that I don’t even care about the no-sugar thing anymore cause I am starting to get my six-pack back and that makes me happier than sugar! 🙂

It’s always better to write about all the things I’m happy about, rather than the things that are bugging me, cause then I get happier. Why didn’t I think of this a looooong time ago? Hmm.

Not sure.

Anyways, Imma be happy but Imma be tired so good night all!

And that was an extremely weird post!




Today was simply a wonderful day.

It started out at seven with an invigorating workout with Lisa and Abby at the track. I’m so used to going solo as far as exercise, so it’s really nice to finally have friends to be with while I workout. I actually think I perform better than I would if I were alone because I’m so competitive! 😉


I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast…which automatically makes ANY day a good day! Then I took a shower and did school. Then I did this big spring cleaning thing. Yes, I know it’s dorky but I absolutely LOVE doing that. I go through and put all my winter stuff away and then take out all my summer stuff and get rid of the things I don’t want anymore. I love this because:

1) I love organizing things

2) It is the ultimate sign that summer’s on the way

3) It’s nice to finally go through all my gajillions of clothes and get rid of like half of it! 🙂

We had a 70 degree day. 🙂 So happy! 🙂

Then after Spanish class, My friend Jenny, my little brother James, and I walked to CVS where I bought hair dye:

And Seattle’s Best Coffee:

Then I came home and my mom died my hair!!!


Yes, that is before I died my hair! Complete with that sexy-stylish HRI t-shirt! Mhm! I know how to dress right. 🙂

In this one, my hair looks really red!

That one my hair looks really red in, but the background is pretty cluttered so we took more!

My hair looks fairly brown in this one but there are tints of red. :)


My hair looks really brown in this one but you can see that one red streak in the front on the left side.

He’s so adorable, isn’t he? In this one my hair looks SUPER red! This is one of my favorite pics, by far!

They’re so cute, aren’t they!? I love this picture a lot too!! Because it has such cute little guys in it!! I love them so much. It’s hard to describe how much I love them!

Yes. I have the capabilities of being weird as well. Who would have thought! 🙂 I will actually probably regret posting this picture in a little bit when I stop liking it! :O But right now I’m really liking it so… 🙂

So that’s my new look!! I love it. I love my hair. I know it’s really weird but there’s just so much of it and it’s reddish-brown!!!! John calls me Neon which makes me laugh.

Life is good!

And you all better be happy because I actually posted six whole personal pictures and two random google pictures!

I do believe that this is a new record!




Randomness (need I say more?)

I ran 3 miles today. It was a hard 3 miles. With a time of 24:38, it proved to be my second worst time I’ve ever run that distance (that counts anyways). But it was also really fun.

John rode his bike with me and talked the whole time. Now, it was kinda hard to hear what he was actually SAYING, cause the wind was a-blowing, but it was nice to have his company!

The weather was simply beautiful. At first, it was cloudy and warm. Then it sprinkled a bit. And then it was sunny and warm. I love springtime! And this is starting out as a beautiful spring! All the daffodils are popping up and the weather is so warm!! I hope we’re in for a hot summer!!

I am super pumped for my Shamrock Shuffle!! This is me:

Me: OOOOH!!! I LOVE Shamrock Shuffles!! They are so good!!! I always get kinda sick when I drink them but they’re so worth it!!

Everyone else: (in unison) shamrock SHAKES! Claire, it’s a shamrock shake!!!!!!!!!

Oh…right. I always call it a “shuffle” even though I mean “shake”! Sometimes, I think I’m even tricking myself into saying the right thing! But I always say the wrong thing! 😛

For the record, there is NEVER that much whipped cream!

But in this case (before I got off-track) I really WAS talking about the Shamrock Shuffle which is a RACE!!!

Yes! I have decided to resort to Google Images because I NEVER bring my camera with me. And on the rare cases that I do, i never take pictures. 🙂

Once again, I failed at stringing together a coherent post!!

Sorry for the squiggly, shaky arrows… But I think you get the point! It’s your basic essay!

The blog post topic is about… WHY YOU SHOULD DO YOUR SCHOOL

Supporting Point 1. So you can learn (duh!)

Supporting Point 2. So you won’t get behind on your homework and miss summer catching up

Supporting Point 3. So you won’t be a loser

Then conclusion.


Supporting Point 1 of Topic: So you can learn (duh!)

Random Thought 1: Why do I always add in rude things like “duh!” to my blog posts.

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought 1: Because I want to be tough/funny

Supporting Point 2 of Topic: So you won’t get behind on your homework and miss summer catching up

Random Thought 2: I love summer!

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought 2: I have SO many plans for the summer!

Supporting Point 1 of Random Thought I didn’t put in blog post: I like Britney Spears’ older music… is that bad?

Backtracking: “Going back to my original thought, you should do your school!”

“Funny” Joke about my Randomness: (sorry I can’t be funny on command, or for that matter at all. but you guys have all read my blog  enough to know what I’m talking about)

Lame Attempt to get back to the Main Point: So, yeah, you should always do your school.


Wow! That part of this post was so fun to make!!! I love making fun of myself!! I also love making ClipArt that no one else is going to understand!! For those of you did understand my pictures, I hope you enjoyed it! For those of you who didn’t, well, stinks to be you.

Girly-Girl Runner

I don’t like to think of myself as a girly-girl. And I really don’t think I am. Give me skinny-jeans and a t-shirt and I’ll be happy.

But I feel like my inner girly-ness is showing through my running fashion.

I have to admit that I have always been a little obsessed with those cute spandex running skorts. But that’s only because I have a bit of a fascination with mini-skirts…seeing as I’ve never been allowed to wear them. Generally I will just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

My favorite fantasy running outfit would have to be my cute black running capris and my sparkly grey athletic shirt. That’s not really girly (except for the glitter). It looks more…chic, professional, and speedy! 🙂

For Christmas, I got grey ruched running capris. These are seriously awesome pants. And for my birthday, I got purple night-sky running capris and a baby pink “Life is Good” running t-shirt. I also have a hot-pink Nike jacket. And three that are grey. And a bright-blue one.

I envy those runners I see on the trail who actually look cute when they are running. Especially in the winter time. It’s really easy to look  good running when you’re wearing a racerback tank top and running shorts, accompanied by a nice tan. But in the winter, your skin is white and dry, your face is red, you’re bundled up in mittens and a jacket. And if you’re me, you’re wearing baggy cotton pants and a long-sleeve tech tee. Not cute.

But lately, because of my sudden increase in choices (due to my birthday) and also because of the sudden increase in temperature. i have managed to look halfway decent during my runs.

Today I went for a run. I ran 4 hard grueling miles. I thought I PR’d today but I actually PR’d on Monday with an average speed of 7:48/mi which equals out to 31:12. Today I was having issues with breathing and finished in 31:52, with an average pace of 7:57/mi. Both are great times for me

But I’m getting off topic. Today, I wore my purple night-sky capris. Sidenote: I’m sorry. I know that makes no sense to you. Night-sky? Really? It’s like different shades of purple, all swirled together with little white star-dots. Hard to explain. Sorry, I can’t find a picture! 😛 Anyways, so I wore my purple night-sky capris and then this pink v-neck oversized cotton tee from J. Jill. And a dark purple Nike racerback under that. I looked like…like….well I don’t really know how to describe it except for girly? Super feminine? Big pink bunny? No just kidding about the last one. But definitely NOT the kind of person who can pound out 4 hard miles in 30 minutes. (okay…31 minutes).

It was out of my usual style and when my sister saw me she said, “Wow! You’re really….pink and purple today…”

I had to agree. But, despite the girly-girl vibe of the look, it looked good.

Voila! Successful!!!!

Okay, so I didn’t quite reach the Miss America look but this is good considering many of my previous running looks… 😉

So, this morning, I was feeling pretty bad about this running week. You see, this week is different from my normal weeks because I am doing no-sugar. I’ve tried this before and have been…unsuccessful. But so far, I have been a really good little dieter. You see, on Monday, I was talking my friend who is off-sugar for Lent (4 entire weeks? Rue the day I ever consent to that) and saying how I was so incredibly impressed by her self-restraint, seeing as I would NEVER be able to do that. “I’m a little obsessed.” I told her. Wheeee-ooo. Wheee-oooo. Wheeee-oooo. <— Alarms going off in my brain. “Obsessed”? Obsessed is bad. So, I agreed to go off sugar for a week, with Lisa keeping me accountable. It was one of those, verge of the moment, non-thinking decisions I made. The ones people call “stupid”…yeah those. But I promised. Lisa said she had a head-ache the first day but then was fine. After my first day with no sugar, I didn’t have a headache and was incredibly proud of myself for turning down a SHAMROCK SHAKE. And since I didn’t have a headache I thought that maybe my “obsession” wasn’t as big of a problem as I thought. That was Tuesday. Wednesday (yesterday) was a beautiful day. It was sunny and windy and spring-y. Lovely lovely day. Horrible HORRIBLE night. Starting at about 4:30, I just crashed (right during my piano lesson). I seriously wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Where did that tiredness come from? I have no idea. Then came the crankiness. Omigoodness. Apparently, I respond differently to no-sugar. I’m just saying I’m bad when I’m tired. I will be very grumpy. With not sleep and no sugar? Don’t cross me. I will yell at you and probably start crying. Okay, so maybe I have an addiction. But, at the same time of my grumpiness, I feel really good. I have been sleeping really well. At first, I had a hard time sleeping, but last night I had such an amazing sleep and I woke up so refreshed. Also, I am proud at my self-restraint. It almost makes it worth it! 😉 Almost. I have noticed that it doesn’t really make my freak-out, super-stressed moments go away. I have had some pretty l0w moment lately. Mostly, tournament-related. I have no idea where the time went but my speeches are not well-memorized and I have 3 days. This causes mucho much0 stress (sorry, I talk spanglish fluently). But, it’s all going to be over soon enough. And I really just need to remember that.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life and I’m sorry if I haven’t been posting as frequently as  I usually do but I have been busy (as I said above).

ONE LAST NOTE: It’s clinically proven that a little sugar after lunch and dinner makes you happier. Just sayin’…



First and foremost:

I love the Oscars.

It’s really dorky. I get so excited about them. Last night, as you all know, was the Oscars. So I watched it. The whole thing.

Okay, let me just say, the Oscars take place right where my hotel was when Mom and I visited LA. So, watching all those rich and famous people walking the red carpet right where I walked, made me excited albeit a lot  little jealous. Because their all prancing around outside in their thousand dollar high heels and SLEEVELESS dresses in February. Okay, any girl wants thousand dollar heels but THIS girl wants the sleeveless dresses in February.

And, for the record, I kinda got that today (with a couple of weird looks from the world). Today was a nice day. It was chilly, but sunny. And it was a warm sun. Anyways, I went running and actually sweated (for the first time in 2 months) and so I took off my jacket and ran in my sleeveless athletic shirt! YES!!! I can’t believe it was actually warm enough to do that.

Okay. It wasn’t. My arms got that freezing, stinging sensation, but I didn’t care! It was so refreshing. And kinda funny to see all those people driving past, giving me weird looks. Also, it was fun to be the ONLY person out there wearing less than jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.

Anyways, back to the Oscars. Another thing I love is the dresses. Ahhhhh! They are so pretty. See, I am such a dork about this. I just get so excited when I see everyone all dressed up fancy. Why am I like that? I have no idea.


Inverno Inverno Andare Via, Non Ritornerá

Yea. So you all know what Mardi Gras is right?

It’s the day before Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent Season. Lent is the days leading up to Easter when one typically takes away a potential idol and uses the time and money and thoughts usually spent on these “idols” to think about God and “better” their relationship with Him.
Anyways, the tradition is that on Mardi Gras i.e. Fat Tuesday…people eat food! Yeah. Clever. Well they eat specific foods such as paczkis, a polish jelly donut. I’m polish so on Mardi Gras, we eat jelly donuts.
Once, my mom took us to Krispy Kreme for jelly donuts. Another time, my grandma brought many different kinds of paczkis (jelly-filled, creme-filled). The general idea is that we always eat paczkis (pronounced punchki) on Fat Tuesday.
No paczkis this Tuesday. It was so sad. I love paczkis. They are so delicious. I also love donuts in general. I also love food in general.
Which brings me to my NEXT POINT! (Can you tell I have been writing WAY TOO MANY school essays lately?? :))
Wintertime is depressing for me. I am a warm-weather girl. And Chi-town winters are NOT FUN. Now, I’m not really…complaining so much because we have had a REALLY. MILD. WINTER. This year. We barely got any snow, much to my approval (Thanks God!) See, it’s pretty difficult to convince myself to go out and run in the freezing weather, but when there’s snow there’s NO way I’m going out there!! So you see, because of the green winter we’ve had, I have been able to exercise!!!
But, still the idea of cold weather and the whole beserk-stress-level thing…makes me tired and grumpy. And I am a comfort eater. 😛
Which means that winter time is essentially Inverno Gras per me.
Yes. I love GoogleTranslate.
The good news…is that winter is only like 3 or 4 months long. And then I can get back out side and stop being stressed and bored and grumpy. And stop eating. As much.
The bad news… is that it’s only February. We have at least a month and a half to go. Also, it’s like 70 degrees in LA. I love LA. I have like this obsession with California. So, knowing that my favorite place in the world is also a LOT warmer than it is here, makes me very upset.
Also, it snowed today. Really?
“Si prega de venire l’estate
per favore ti aspettiamo
rimanere per siempre, non lasciare mai
tenermi caldo nei raggi del tuo sole
tenermi rilassato con i tuoi bellissimi colori
rimanere per siempre, non lasciare mai,
per favore ti aspettiamo
si prega de venire l’estate”

So Shallow I Can See Right Through Me

So, for school I have been reading The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft.

For a basic overview of the book, the subtitle is:

A contemporary Socrates looks at Power, Pleasure, Truth & the Good Life.

Basically, Socrates in future times, meanders on over to a university where he meets Peter Pragma and Felicity Flake and philosophizes about life with them.

It’s interesting and slightly clever.

But I’m just saying…if Socrates ever came to me to “philosophize about life” I think I would punch him in the nose.

Everything anyone says, Socrates has a question for

No one is ever “right”, there’s always more questions and less answers.

And if I didn’t punch him it would be because I was too confused to do anything but just sit there trying to sort through the barrage of questions he just threw at me.

And reading this book makes me think about cross-examination during debate. The gist of cross-ex is to ask questions for clarity or that reveal a flaw in the opposing team’s case. If you can’t think of any particularly revealing questions, the trick is to ask a dumb question like : “Please tell me your plan.” (even though they just read their plan like a minute before) to use up time.

Socrates would rock at cross-ex. Because philosophizing is so like cross-ex. It’s examining your life or your beliefs and finding the flaws in them. The other thing is, these questions that keep popping out, actually are revealing. He could debate any point and win.

I think that we could all work on questioning life a little more.

Maybe not to the point, where the other person wants to pop you in the nose…but enough so that you know what you believe, what is important in life, what your calling is, whether you are fulfilling what God has planned for you, and whether or not you should eat a bowl of chocolate-covered almonds. That last answer is always yes… and it’s very fulfilling! 😉 Or at least…refilling.

See same shallow girl as always! 🙂

Just bogged down by Socratic thinking

I ran 5 miles today!! It felt so good!! Also, it was the fastest I had ever run that distance! 🙂 And I know that I can get even faster! 🙂

I am so so excited about my race!

Finally I have something on my schedule again!!! I signed up for it today. Geesh! Races are expensive!!! Why are they so expensive??? WHY?

Anyways, I suppose it’s worth it. At least, to me it is.

I love Fridays.

I have like three school things and then nothing else. Here’s how my day went:

I slept until 8:30 and then bolted out of bed and got ready REALLY quickly so I could babysit at 9. I had a breakfast bar and V8 juice for breakfast. When I babysat, I made brownies for the kids and we had brownies with chocolate frosting for lunch!

Then I went home and ran 5 miles which was lovely because it was a beautiful day! I did some school. I went to the library with John. We had quite a fun time.

I love days when I run because I don’t really get dressed till after my run. Like, I get dressed but I don’t wear nice clothes. Usually just workout clothes. And usually no makeup. Then after my run and my shower ( I love showers), depending on the time of day, I will either put on sweatpants and a t-shirt or “nice clothes” (i.e. jeans and a shirt).

Today, after my run, I put on jeans and a athletic shirt. I wasn’t gonna put on makeup but John wanted to go to the library so I put on some mascara. We looked veery snazzy! 😉

Yes, lovely lovely! 😉

I like John. When we were little, we were like best friends. We are 14 months apart so Dad called us Irish twins, which technically we weren’t but close enough! 😉 Anyways, we were very close and we always played Playmobil and Lego’s together. Then for a couple years, we always fought. I think it was mostly my fault. I can be exceedingly crabby… anyways, but now we are better friends. Much better friends. We tell each other basically everything and give each other advice.

He is so funny. Much much funnier than me. But that’s not very difficult. I’m sarcastic. I have this weird sense of humor. He’s sarcastic but he’s also just really funny. So unfair.

He also talks a lot. A LOT. Seriously. He never stops talking. Sometimes it’s annoying but usually I don’t care. When I’m with him, he talks way more than me. People are always surprised by how little I talk when I am around him. It’s not that I’m NOT talkative. I am. I always say things in MORE words rather than less, I have an opinion on everything. I am loud. But he’s louder. And he has more to say.

I could tell you all about him. But I won’t. Because it would take too long.

I love him.

His birthday is in March. He’s going to be 14. He’s almost taller than me. Grr.

However, I am still older and I can still beat him at almost everything! 😉 Except basketball.

Sorry this was so random. I have been writing a LOT of papers and speeches this week so my brain is a little mangled…