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These blogs are all blogs I follow that are funny, clever, and/or inspirational to me!

I think that you’ll like them too!

101 Reasons to Smile

This is my sister’s blog. She is very funny.  She doesn’t post a lot though.. She doesn’t quite have the same obsession LOVE of blogging that I do.. 🙂 She also has more school.

Kate, Cracking Up

This girl is funny! She is in grad school for architecture at Virginia Tech. Her posts usually have at least 3 cartoons or pictures and are very clever. She posts really frequently and every post is original.

Trescientos Sesenta y Cinco Estrellas

This is my friend’s blog. She is very random and awesome. She loves spanish a lot! She blogs as much as I do so you can always count on a new post from her!


She’s random. I love this blog because she never talks about the same thing. Always something different and interesting. She is funny and slightly sarcastic. This is a must-read blog.


This is another friend’s blog. She is the girl that I run with sometimes. She almost NEVER posts but I’m hoping to get her to start posting more soon!

Bucket List Publications

This lady travels everywhere! She posts pictures from all over the world. This blog is enough to make anyone envious of her jet-setting lifestyle! It comes complete with hotel reviews, giveaways, and vacation suggestions.


This is another friend’s blog as well as IzzeLand’s little sister. She loves photography and always has beautiful pictures in each of her posts. She posts more frequently than IzzeLand but not MUCH more frequently! 😉

Miss Renaissance

She loves fashion. This is a fashion blog. She always has lots of colorful pictures. I love tuning into this blog to get ideas of what to wear.

They Called Him Ripley

Sweet, sweet friend of mine. Also sister of 365 Estrellas. She loves animals, especially her bunny Ripley!

Ali on the Run

She is spunky and spirited. This is the most inspiring blog I read concerning running. I just love it. She posts everyday and they are always funny and interesting posts. By far, one of my favorite blogs!

Seven from Heaven

Possibly, one of the biggest inspirations in my life, this woman has a concrete relationship with Jesus. She is always urging others into deeper relationships with Him. She inspires me but her full trust in the Lord which has brought her and her husband 4 adopted children.


Second older sister. Beautiful and insightful poems. Posts a lot. Love it



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