A Day at School

I am gonna be a teacher.

Like my aunt.

I got to visit her classroom today.

It was SO fun!

I have been begging for YEARS for her to let me come visit her class for the day and finally she agreed!!

I spent last night at her house and then got up early this morning (well, early for me: 6:15). We stopped at Mcdonald’s on the way for a sweet tea for her and a peppermint mocha for me (it wasn’t really that great).

We got to the school at 7 and set up a bunch of different things before the kids arrived. I met some of my aunt’s fellow-teachers who were all really friendly and said I looked “just like your mother” and that the last time they had seen me I was “this tall” (which is very short).

At 8:30, the kids come. My aunt teaches first grade and the kids are SO cute!

They are really good for the most part! 🙂

It was Bring Your Stuffed Animal Day so they all had stuffed animals. We wrote paragraphs about our stuffed animals and then read them to the class.

They took spelling tests.

They had gym and art. I went EVERYWHERE with them, including gym, art, recess, and lunch! 😉

It was fun and tiring!

But now I know for sure that I’m gonna be a teacher when I grow up! 🙂

Kids are so cute and fun to be with!

My aunt is an AMAZING teacher. I know this because I have seen it and been told it by many of the other teachers there. It’s true. She is no-nonsense, but very fun and creative. She’s been teaching for a LOOOONG time and she’s got everything figured out! 🙂

I got to talk to one of the employees at the school who ran the Chicago marathon this year. She wanted to know how my half marathon had gone! So, I talked to her for about half an hour. She gave me lots of advice about shoes (always buy half-size larger) and my knee (:P ). And she told me about a really cool website that has free training programs! I am SO using that! 🙂

I hope that I can go back to the school soon to help out again soon!!!!!