Jingle Bell Rock

I love Christmas.

I know, original as THAT attention-grabber is (not), it is completely true!!

Friday and Saturday were filled with fun for me!!

On Friday, I helped at a cookie exchange. There were about 7 kids there and I babysat them. Then after that, I ran my fastest 5K time ever. 21:58 or something like that! I ran my first 2 miles at 5:30 and then 5:20 but slowed considerably for my last mile. Regardless, I was thrilled with my flighty feet! 😉 I will remember to stock up on Christmas Blend Starbucks before my next race! At 2:58, my sister, my LRF/LRB, her sisters, mom, and friend all boarded the train bound for CHI-town. We ended up at Macy’s! 🙂 john (my amazing bro!!) didnt go 😦

Trying on dresses, window-shopping, laughing. We got dessert at the Walnut Room. We were all starving for dinner but we had brought packed dinners, so we snuck bites of our dinner in between our waiter passing by and being granted wishes by a fairy. The Walnut Room is a tradition for our family and is so beautiful when it’s all decked out for Christmas. Well, it always looks elegant, after all it is a Walnut Room but the tree in center-stage is So Big and always looks like lots of work went into it. The window displays, however, I cannot say as much for.

The first year we went to Macy’s (then Marshall Field’s) the windows told the story of Cinderella. Almost every window was filled with a stunning display of handpainted puppets and scenes. A lot of time, effort, and probably money, went into the displays. Macy’s doesn’t care. Their windows have no stories. Seriously, it’s so lame I want to laugh or cry. Moving on…

After that, we went in a couple of stores but didn’t buy anything. At the train station, we got McDonald’s. We arrived back home around 10. Fun Day.

Saturday, Abby and I got up at 6 and got ready. Then Mom took us out for Starbuck’s where we talked about life for an hour. Then we met our nana and aunt and they took Abby and I christmas shopping!!!!! We went to Goodwill and IKEA and the Promenade. i have plenty of pictures and I WISH I could post them on here but my camera ran out of batteries yesterday and I can’t find my charger so… 😛

We shopped from 8:30-5ish and then they drove Abby and I home where we ate quiche and watched a christmas movie. I was SO tired. I wish that I could write about every single thing my nana and aunt bought me but they are supposed to be Christmas presents so I have to FORGET about them!! 🙂

I am just saying that they are very very generous with us and it’s also fun having girl time with them! 🙂

I am sick of school and tired of being tired but all that’s ending soon cause Christmas break is COMING!!! YAAAAAAH. Can’t wait.

What did you do this weekend??