Is it nerdy to like school?

well, if it is…then i am a nerd! 🙂 It’s true! I love school…well, no, i love being busy and i love being scheduled. I love all the different classes i am taking and I like knowing what i am doing each day! I like meeting new people. And I am REALLY excited about starting WSHSB! I like the different seasons (despite the fact that i complain about them so much!! 🙂 ) I just like school…well, besides tests. And when i am talking about school i say i don’t like but…hey, i have to maintain my “coolness factor”!!! jk! 😛

Coolness factor

This was made by Peter and according to him, Abby and I have 80 on the coolness factor, John has 70, James has 90, and he, himself gets 100! 🙂

Well Peter did that, John and i wrestled (yes, i am immature) and had a pushup competition…well we started but we never finished..
Anyway!! Back to the point!
Actually no. End of the post.