Just Sayin…

I think, overall, I can have no complaints about Daylights Savings Time. I mean, when it starts, I do have to wake up “earlier” the first couple of days, until I adjust to the new time, but it also means that summer is coming! And when it ends? Well, yes, it’s a wake-up call that summer is long over and winter is near on the horizon, but at the same time, it’s also kind of hard to hate it, because for those initial two weeks, it’s still bright in the morning. I remember this past fall, right after DST ended and I was given about two and a half more weeks of early morning running. And it was bright out. I recall, that first day, I bolted out of the house, full of an extra hour of sleep and surprise by the bright 6:30 morning I had not been expecting. But today, even though I yawned through the whole day, I was quite content because I know that spring is coming. And to make this day even better:? It was a balmy 65 degrees. Warm enough for shorts! Not that I wore shorts.

I’d like to advertise the fact that after my long week of minimal (meaning zero) exercise, I ran 5 miles on Saturday. Applause is  expected accepted. Now, just for a LITTLE background, the last time I ran 5 miles was February 17, over a month ago. The last time I had run was March 1st (9 days before Saturday). So the fact that I could run 5 miles, in and of itself, is pretty impressing. Now, let’s add in that it was extremely windy. The weather has been severely windy lately. The kind of wind that smells amazing and whips your hair around your face. The kind where, if you’re light enough, it can almost pick you up off the ground and whisk you away. I do love it. But, the wind is always working against me: pulling my skirt up, blowing me sideways, blowing hair into my mouth when I have no free hands to pull it out. And during this particular run, I was running INTO the wind the majority of the time. And when I wasn’t running into it I was running perpendicular to it. And! The most amazing part of this WHOLE INCREDIBLE FEAT is that I ran those 5 miles at an average pace of 8:11 min./mi. That is faster than my goal pace of 8:30 min./mi. for the race and WAY faster than I was even dreaming of running yesterday. I was very thrilled with the results. I am more than ready for my race!

There are more things I could talk about but I think this will suffice for today. I am trying to get my posts to be more understandable! I feel like my ADD-like ramble of thoughts confuses all of you! 🙂


Aren’t all you Chicago-ans just LOVING THIS WEATHER!?!?!?!?!?!