Me and my exercising!!! ;)

So, today was a Wednesday.

Which is usually a running day.


“Why?”,Β do you ask?

Because today swimming started!

I am doing a summer swim team with my awesome friend Mary! Today was (as I already said…) our first practice and I was super excited all day. Okay, actually I have been excited about swim team starting since I signed up for it like three months ago! See, when I was younger I was on swim team with Abby and I was actually pretty good. Of course that was like three+ years ago but IΒ wasΒ good, so I was excited/nervous to see how my swimming skills are/will improve.

I am OUT of shape.

But that’s okay.

I’m super competitive so being on a team is good for me! I refused to let anyone pass me and I actually passed about half of the team so by the end of the 75-minute practice I had established myself as, at the least, a fighter. πŸ˜‰

We did a bunch of drills for freestyle and it was so hard. By the end of it, I was SO sore. But, it was the good kind of sore. Β The “I-just-kicked-butt” kind of sore. πŸ˜‰ (sorry Mom…) Running is a really good workout but swimming? Swimming is by far the best sport in the world. If you want to get in shape, swim. Okay?

I LOVEEE to swim. I do! And it’s only been the first practice. And I already remember why I loved it. Well, I never really forgot.

Don’t worry. I’m not ditching running!! I was itching to get out there all day, but Mary had warned me that the first day is always a big workout (mostly cause you are out of shape ;P) so I decided to conserve my energy and just chill out at home.

Chill out: to eat food and tan. And go on walks with your little brothers.

That’s what I did. All day. It was fun. I was feeling lazy. Obviously. πŸ˜‰ I was also coming down off of my high from last night’s party. No. Not a real high. Just an excitement, I-love-people high. πŸ™‚ Just clearing that up. MY POINT IS, I am very glad that I conserved my energy cause I definitely needed all of it!

Have I mentioned that I love to exercise? I feel like I have….

Person: You want to go on Β a 20-mile bike ride?



Person: You want to go on a 7-mile run?

Me: I’m game!!


Person: You want to go practice with Michael Phelps for five hours?

Me: Duh!!!


Person: You want to go work out at the gym?

Me: Can you get me in?


Person: You want to play a game of 1-on-1 street ball??

Me: (How can you answer NO to that question!?!? πŸ˜‰ )


Okaaay. You get the picture? Yes? Good?





I’m a runner AND a coach!! :)

WARNING: I am in an insanely happy mood, so if you’re grumpy then you might not want to read this post! πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, I ran 6.2 miles. That is the farthest I have gone in a long long time! πŸ™‚ I think the best part of that is that I ran sub-8 minute miles the entire time! I came home, drenched in sweat and smiling! And limping. But I stretched so all is good! πŸ™‚ Anyways, it was a beautiful hot day and my iPod played awesome music! Have I ever told you how I sing along to the songs on my iPod as I’m running? I think I have. It’s quite a sight. I ran on the trail and it hurt my ankles a little but I’m hoping to strengthen my ankles and shins so that they are strong enough to run on trails.

This would be the victorious “I just finished 6.2 miles” look!

I’m planning on signing up for a 5K today or tomorrow and I am hoping to dominate!! πŸ™‚ If any of you have checked out my “Me, Running” page, the race I want to sign up for is the first one on that list! I ran it last year but I have gotten TONS faster since then! Anyways, that’s in two weeks. But the reason I’m bringing that up is because James, my younger brother, is already signed up for it! He’s going to run it too!! Remember when I took the ACT? Well, that same day there was a 5K across the street from my house that the elementary school was holding. James ran that race and that was when he got into running. So, he trained for awhile and he got money from all our relatives and some friends so that he could enter this race. I was insanely jealous of that because….races ARE expensive. πŸ™‚ Anyways, so for awhile, he’d run with my mom and they were all training and he got his money and signed up, etc. But then, he kind of lost interest. The race was still like a month away and he just found other things to do. Now, we have about two weeks before the race and Mom goes, “James!! Aren’t you signed up for the race?! You need to train!”

So, guess who got volunteered to help him train.

If you guessed me, you win!

Apparently, since I’m the runner of the family, I’m also the coach!

I really don’t mind. It’s insanely fun for me. For him? Not so much. But for me, it rocks! I ride on my bike behind him, listening to my iPod and singing the songs so James will be “entertained”. Today, I got a couple of weird looks from people which made me laugh.

Self-portraits ftw!!!

Please enjoy the picture because it’s really scary to take a picture of yourself, when you are riding a bike with NO functioning brakes with one hand, behind a little boy who keeps STOPPING.

Which brings me to the second reason it’s so fun! I get to scream, “RUN JAMES!!!! KEEP GOING! DON’T STOP!” And eventually, “JAMES I AM NOT KIDDING! KEEP RUNNING! GOOOOOO!” I think the next time, I’m going to need to roller-blade or something cause it’s really hard to get him to run when I’m on a bike. Like at one point I had to get off my bike and run with him (holding his shirt) so that he’d start running again. Then I ran back and got back on my bike.

Maybe I am taking this whole training thing a LITTLE too seriously, but I feel like if he’s going to run, then he should RUN!!!! He comes home and he goes, “She only let me take ONE break!” I was like, “James. If you want to run, then you RUN, you don’t take breaks!” Well actually, he didn’t want to run, but I made him. Whatever. He’s always happy with the results though. When we got home, I mapped it out and he’d run approximately 2.3 miles and he was so proud of himself! πŸ™‚ And I was proud of him. The little whiner. πŸ™‚

Here he is!

He’s a cutie. And at the race, he’ll run the whole thing without stopping, thanks to my hard-core training!! πŸ˜‰


Well I’d like to show you all something! πŸ™‚

There are the results from yesterday’s poll! πŸ™‚ I was really excited that people ACTUALLY voted!! Now I am pretty sure that the poll didn’t show up for everyone. I’m not really sure why…but if it doesn’t show up for you than you can refresh the page. πŸ™‚ Now, one of my readers suggested that I “run as long as you can, as fast as you can, that way you can’t let yourself down and it will give you a good work out each time” and I have to admit that this is a VERY good idea but…I need serious motivation some days and you guys are really good motivation! πŸ™‚

Here are my splits of the day! πŸ™‚ Four miles. Just like I promised!! I am so seriously glad that four won out over five by one vote because I was DYING by the end of today’s run!

I just went over to the track with a couple friends after my class! It was really fun. They did one of Abby’s many workouts and I ran. And ran. And ran.

I have to say I am not super pleased with my pace but like I said yesterday I’m just going to try to not complain because I can’t expect to be super fast after this past weekend…

But I really hope my pace starts increasing again…or decreasing….GETTING FASTER. πŸ™‚

Do you guys have favorite pump-up songs? I’d love to add some to my running playlist!! Make sure to leave a comment below with you personal favorite pump-up song! πŸ™‚

I ran today.

But it wasn’t my usual afternoon run.

It was an evening, after-dinner run.

It was amazing.

Just what I needed.

I told myself that because of my sickness I would just take it slow and run three miles, four if I felt up to it.

I know: I am such a tough trainer.

Anyways, it was slightly humid but over all beautiful. I could feel the rain coming on as the air got wetter and wetter but I didn’t care. The sun was setting. The clouds were all different colors. It smelled amazing. People were coming home from work. It was such a different atmosphere from what I’m used to at 2:00.

As soon as I set out, I knew that I was going to run four miles. I had already mapped out the whole run in my head before even changing into my running clothes. Go down our street, turn onto the next street, then onto the trail. Down and then back.

I passed other runners on the trail, but I was mostly by myself. Just me and my iPod.

It was darker than usual due to the time and the clouds, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t reallyΒ that dark so I wasn’t scared or anything.

I got tired pretty quickly and my throat got all dry because I am kinda sick. But I kept going. I just kept thinking, “If you stop now, you will be mad at yourself!” and “Come on, Claire! You’ve already made it this far! Why not just finish the stretch?!”

So I did.

I ran my four miles.

And I ran it in 31:37 which is a 7:42 minute mile. I was pretty surprised actually. It felt like I was going a lot slower. Especially around the middle, when I was the most tired. Usually when I run, I start out strong, then in the middle I burn out a bit, and then somewhere inside of me, I find a little bit of energy left and I can pick up my pace by the end of the run. But today, I just felt like I was going slow.

In fact, when the run was over, I didn’t even think to check my average mile so when I saw it just now, I was like, “WOW!”

I am pretty excited about our road trip tomorrow! I will hopefully get to run while I am on the trip so I should be able to AT least fit in the last mile to meet my weekly quota, if not more!! (*fingers crossed*) And at the hotel I will get to swim too I am hoping.

Anyways, I will not be posting until at least Monday which is when I am getting back. So everyone, enjoy the rest of your week! Feel free to leave comments below telling me about your running pursuits, or the weather where you live, or what fun things you are doing this weekend (“nothing” is actually included in “fun” because “doing nothing” doesn’t really happen that much this time of year!)!

And I will be back on Monday to tell you about my magnificent weekend (sans photos because I STILL can’t find my camera. Grr)!


My Running-Non-Running Day

Today I would have gone on a run.

It was beautiful running weather. Beautiful. A little chilly, but sunny. Minimum wind.

Unfortunately, I was not having a beautiful day.

I’m sick.

Not like fever-sick. Or barfing-sick. Thank God.

Just gross-sick. I have a sore throat. Not even a sore throat. I didn’t even realize it was classified as a “sore throat” until like one in the afternoon, when it turned into a legitimate sore throat. In the morning, I kept clearing my throat and coughing. And sneezing.


I really did want to run today.

Since I am going to be gone from Thursday to Monday, I am going to be missing some big mileage days and also because I ran such a small amount yesterday I really need to run if I am going to run nine miles this week! (Five and a half miles tomorrow? I can’t wait…. :P)

Anyways. I didn’t run. Because I’m sick. And I know there are LOTS of tough runners out there who’d be like, “A sore throat?? Praise God! The more pain, the better!!!! Hallelujah! What a great day this is!!! I can run with a sore throat! I am tough!! I am crazy! I am out of my mind!”

I am not that crazy runner.

I am a tired-out, sore-throated girl who is going on a 13-hour road trip in a couple of days.

But, I am really hoping that I will feel better tomorrow because I am going to the mall tomorrow and I do want to go on a run eventually!!! Actually, I might go running while I am in Virginia which is kinda awesome.

One last thing. I can’t find my camera. I know I had it at Easter. Can’t remember since then though. If anyone sees it, please tell me. πŸ™‚ It’s red. And I really want it back!!!

A Truly Bubbly Post

So today I would like to talk a little bit about bumps.

Er, no.

Not bumps.

Like walls.

You know how people will be like, “UGH! I hit a wall in my training!” Or their school, or their job, or whatever they are having issues with.

Kinda like, a hill that they can’t get over?

Everything seems to be getting harder, or just staying the same.

Well, I can relate to that.

Because you see, this is exactly, and I mean, EXACTLY, what running is.

You start out and you stink.

So obviously from there you can only get better and better. But then, after awhile, you hit a wall, so to speak, and you don’t seem to be Β improving and it’s kinda disheartening.

You see, after my half marathon, I REALLY declined. I mean I hurt my knee so I had to take a break. So, I went from thirteen miles to three miles. And then, winter came. And unlike last year, I did run through this winter. But I hate running in the winter. And I never really get better at running during that time…

So this spring has come as a serious surprise to me.

I was expecting it to be the time to get serious, maybe shave a couple seconds off my PR, add a couple miles.

But not get fast.

I mean, YES I WANT to be fast, but I didn’t really think it would happen like this.

I guess I figured that over the years I would eventually get down to a faster pace and maybe be able to snag a scholarship for college. But, I still had three years for that.

But nope! Here I am, running fast. Running hard. Being in better shape than ever. Am I gloating? Am I glowing? I’m sorry. I just had a fantastic running day.

Okay, so here’s how it all started. Last night. I’m laying in my bed, drifting off to sleep, making plans of grandeur for my running tomorrow (which would be today). See, this is what I was thinking: “I should run nine miles tomorrow!” I kid you not. Where did I come up with the idea that I would be able to run nine miles? I have no idea. I get these weird energy spurts at night time. I am going to do one of those midnight runs some time cause I would rule.

Anyways. This morning I dragged my sugar-stupored (go away, red squiggly lines, that is TOO a word), tired self out of my comfortable, warm bed. And I did not have one single molecule inside of me that wanted to run even one mile, much less six (or nine). Β But, by the time I got to biology class, I had convinced myself that I was going to run today. Whether or not I truly wanted to. So, at two-ish I figured I might as well get it over with. So, I went.

It was a beautiful day for running. The wind was a bit strong but other than that it was great.

I knew I was running too fast but I couldn’t stop.

I even felt like I was going slow but I was running a 7 minute pace. Then I slowed to a 7:18 pace for the rest of my run. I PR’d at three miles and told myself that I could slow down now. If I had run a 9-minute pace I still would have an overall average pace of 8 minute miles. So, I “slowed down”. But I didn’t. I kept running a 7:18 pace. At one point, I was running into the wind and it picked me up and blew me BACKWARDS, but other than that the wind wasn’t that bad.

It felt awesome.

Well, I was doing it a horrible-awesome. After I finished, a satisfying-awesome. And now? An awesome-awesome.

So what are the results?

My 5K is 21:39 and my 8K is 37:36.

And this goes to show that all you need to do is get over the hill. And then, you’re home free! πŸ™‚

Rock on!




It’s really hard to go back to blogging after not blogging for a couple of days.

Because I feel like I should catch you all up on my life but everything just keeps happening. The list of everything I need to tell you guys gets longer and longer and then I start forgetting the first things. Also I hate the idea of this being an online diary. I do realize that I talk a lot about what’s going on in my life and all that and that’s fine I guess but I DON’T want this to just be like an online diary for me. Because I have read some of my old diaries and they are boring and embarrassing for ME!Β So, I know how much MORE boring it would be for you all to read and I want to interest you.


With that said. I am going to give you a quick update:

I ran a PR with my 5K distance on Wednesday: 23 minutes even. That was awesome. This past week has been full of running ups and downs. I mean: I ran 6 miles on Monday. Then I PR’d on Wednesday! Of course, on Saturday I slogged out three merciless miles. Which was death. And then today, in an attempt to get a head start burning off all the Easter merriment, I ran two more miles with James. It was very sickening. To say the least. πŸ˜› Anyways, but, because of those extra five miles, I ended up running a total of fourteen miles this week which is awesome because if I am going to complete my New Year’s Resolution of running 500 miles this year , I have to run nine miles each week. And when I was sick all those weeks in January I got REALLY REALLLY REALLLLY behind. πŸ™‚ So far, I’ve run 85.4 miles which means I am behind my 9-mile-a-week schedule by 30.6 miles. Darn. That’s just a little disheartening.

What I’m hoping is that once I get more into marathon training I will start logging fifteen to twenty miles and catch up in no time.

Anyways. I had a fantastic Easter, full of fun, friendship and food. That is an example of alliteration at its very very best.

But seriously. I do do do love Easter. We go to this AMAZING Easter Vigil that lasts until midnight and we sing and dance and scream and praise God. It is so exciting. I absolutely adore it and I look forward to it every year. It’s the best in the world. I wish I could explain it but I wouldn’t do it justice. It’s just too amazing for words. Ask Li or Abby if you don’t believe me!

And then today, I woke up and partied. 60 percent of what I ate today was sugar. SICKENING. It was. But, hey, it’s only once a year. It was a beautiful day. I remember LOTS of Easters where the weather has been freezing but last year and this year was tanning weather, i.e. shorts and sleeveless. If I believed in global warming, I would say this was a pretty good example of it. But I’m not complaining. I will take this weather all the time, thank you! πŸ™‚

Also, I am pretty excited because I might get to travel on down to LA this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I just basically treated this as an online diary didn’t I!? Well, technically I didn’t because I would have written in more detail if this was my diary. Β But I did tell you all about my past life instead of talking about something more interesting. Like. Well actually that’s basically what I talk about. But I guess you guys like it! πŸ™‚

That’s all for today. I will be back again tomorrow! πŸ™‚ Sorry I left you all hanging for so long (FIVE DAYS!! *GASP*) Hope you all had an amazing Easter! πŸ™‚