Scents and Running

Hello All my People-

Sorry I haven’t written here for so long! we had some computer issues. i was actually going to write last night but never got around to it!!

Can you believe Fall is almost here? It’s crazy! School for me starts in one week! I am actually really excited! I am a FRESHMAN!!!! Which isn’t saying much…but I am in highschool now! 🙂 I can tell it’s Fall because the air smells AMAZING!!!!!

For some reason, I have a really good sense of smell… I LOVE the way things smell. I will smell someone’s Ax and be like, “oh! That smells like John!” Or i will smell air freshener and think of my nana’s house. Fall is one of the BEST smells in the world though!!! It smells so crisp. Last night, i was reading a book in my bed with the window wide open and there was a slight breeze that smelled AMAZING!!!!

Another of the best scents in the world is right after it rains! Abby says ti’s ozone…Whatever it is, it smells AMAZING!!!!

John, my younger brother(by a year), is just getting into the whole Ax/ Old Spice stage!!! Which is very nice cause he always smells really good!!!

Anyway, today i went running with John ( 4 1/2 miles!! :O ). i ran, he biked…that’s usually the set-up whoever i go with. I am NOT a fast runner. I wish i was but i am not. regardless, I love it! we ran through wheaton and glen ellyn and it was a BEAUTIFUL morning! there was a crisp fall breeze but the sun was really hot. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a run!

I am training to run a 1/2 marathon. I  am on Week 2…so i am not very far…but in 8 weeks…i will technically be able to run 13.1 miles!! if you want the schedule i am using go to this link:,7120,s6-238-244-258-13719-0,00.html

it should work. it’s the same plan i am using but i got mine from their magazine so you could do that too!!

I am also planning on running at least 2 5k’s in the upcoming months! the Sunset Shuffle in Bloomingdale (click here to sign up: ; and the Cantigny Veteran’s Day 5K (click here to sign up:

I think running races is very important to training for a half marathon or any race!!! Plus, you get a cool t-shirt and usually brochures for other races you can run!

if you sign up, tell me and then we can run together!!! (This is especially for Izze, Tess, and Lisa, my running buddies!! 🙂 )

Guess what!?!?! today I get to tye-die a white skirt I have. i am doing it with a friend and I am SUPER excited!! I will put pictures of it on here when we are done!!!!!!!