(Post from yesterday)

Today I went on a run.

I felt SO unmotivated! Truthfully, I just wanted to skip it. But i really felt like I should go cause I went to my friend’s house last night and ate pizza and lots of ice cream and pop and today I went to a party and knew I would be eating alot so I figured I should get in some exercise. And I knew that if I hadn’t run today I would’ve been mad at myself. 😛

So, I went. I pulled on my clothes and went.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! SO lovely.

But I felt weird.

You see.

Last night at my friend’s house, I went rollerblading. Now, I rollerbladed every single day this summer. But slacked off once the school year started. And oh. my. goodness. My abs are SO sore!!!!

So, I was gonna run 4 miles at an 8-minute pace today. Nope. My first mile was 8 minutes. My second mile was 8:30-minute pace. My 3rd mile was 9-minute pace. And my last mile I walked cause my abs hurt so bad. 😛

Last night:


That’s me the night before!

On my run:

And yes, I am so very proud of this!! My first-ever comic strip! And hopefully not my last!! rox


Yes, this is a picture courtesy of pixton. And I highly suggest you check this website out cause it ROCKS!!!!! 🙂 And it’s really fun to make the comics. It can take awhile but it’s really fun! 🙂