Girly-Girl Runner

I don’t like to think of myself as a girly-girl. And I really don’t think I am. Give me skinny-jeans and a t-shirt and I’ll be happy.

But I feel like my inner girly-ness is showing through my running fashion.

I have to admit that I have always been a little obsessed with those cute spandex running skorts. But that’s only because I have a bit of a fascination with mini-skirts…seeing as I’ve never been allowed to wear them. Generally I will just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

My favorite fantasy running outfit would have to be my cute black running capris and my sparkly grey athletic shirt. That’s not really girly (except for the glitter). It looks more…chic, professional, and speedy! 🙂

For Christmas, I got grey ruched running capris. These are seriously awesome pants. And for my birthday, I got purple night-sky running capris and a baby pink “Life is Good” running t-shirt. I also have a hot-pink Nike jacket. And three that are grey. And a bright-blue one.

I envy those runners I see on the trail who actually look cute when they are running. Especially in the winter time. It’s really easy to look  good running when you’re wearing a racerback tank top and running shorts, accompanied by a nice tan. But in the winter, your skin is white and dry, your face is red, you’re bundled up in mittens and a jacket. And if you’re me, you’re wearing baggy cotton pants and a long-sleeve tech tee. Not cute.

But lately, because of my sudden increase in choices (due to my birthday) and also because of the sudden increase in temperature. i have managed to look halfway decent during my runs.

Today I went for a run. I ran 4 hard grueling miles. I thought I PR’d today but I actually PR’d on Monday with an average speed of 7:48/mi which equals out to 31:12. Today I was having issues with breathing and finished in 31:52, with an average pace of 7:57/mi. Both are great times for me

But I’m getting off topic. Today, I wore my purple night-sky capris. Sidenote: I’m sorry. I know that makes no sense to you. Night-sky? Really? It’s like different shades of purple, all swirled together with little white star-dots. Hard to explain. Sorry, I can’t find a picture! 😛 Anyways, so I wore my purple night-sky capris and then this pink v-neck oversized cotton tee from J. Jill. And a dark purple Nike racerback under that. I looked like…like….well I don’t really know how to describe it except for girly? Super feminine? Big pink bunny? No just kidding about the last one. But definitely NOT the kind of person who can pound out 4 hard miles in 30 minutes. (okay…31 minutes).

It was out of my usual style and when my sister saw me she said, “Wow! You’re really….pink and purple today…”

I had to agree. But, despite the girly-girl vibe of the look, it looked good.

Voila! Successful!!!!

Okay, so I didn’t quite reach the Miss America look but this is good considering many of my previous running looks… 😉

So, this morning, I was feeling pretty bad about this running week. You see, this week is different from my normal weeks because I am doing no-sugar. I’ve tried this before and have been…unsuccessful. But so far, I have been a really good little dieter. You see, on Monday, I was talking my friend who is off-sugar for Lent (4 entire weeks? Rue the day I ever consent to that) and saying how I was so incredibly impressed by her self-restraint, seeing as I would NEVER be able to do that. “I’m a little obsessed.” I told her. Wheeee-ooo. Wheee-oooo. Wheeee-oooo. <— Alarms going off in my brain. “Obsessed”? Obsessed is bad. So, I agreed to go off sugar for a week, with Lisa keeping me accountable. It was one of those, verge of the moment, non-thinking decisions I made. The ones people call “stupid”…yeah those. But I promised. Lisa said she had a head-ache the first day but then was fine. After my first day with no sugar, I didn’t have a headache and was incredibly proud of myself for turning down a SHAMROCK SHAKE. And since I didn’t have a headache I thought that maybe my “obsession” wasn’t as big of a problem as I thought. That was Tuesday. Wednesday (yesterday) was a beautiful day. It was sunny and windy and spring-y. Lovely lovely day. Horrible HORRIBLE night. Starting at about 4:30, I just crashed (right during my piano lesson). I seriously wanted to lay down and go to sleep. Where did that tiredness come from? I have no idea. Then came the crankiness. Omigoodness. Apparently, I respond differently to no-sugar. I’m just saying I’m bad when I’m tired. I will be very grumpy. With not sleep and no sugar? Don’t cross me. I will yell at you and probably start crying. Okay, so maybe I have an addiction. But, at the same time of my grumpiness, I feel really good. I have been sleeping really well. At first, I had a hard time sleeping, but last night I had such an amazing sleep and I woke up so refreshed. Also, I am proud at my self-restraint. It almost makes it worth it! 😉 Almost. I have noticed that it doesn’t really make my freak-out, super-stressed moments go away. I have had some pretty l0w moment lately. Mostly, tournament-related. I have no idea where the time went but my speeches are not well-memorized and I have 3 days. This causes mucho much0 stress (sorry, I talk spanglish fluently). But, it’s all going to be over soon enough. And I really just need to remember that.

So that’s what’s been going on in my life and I’m sorry if I haven’t been posting as frequently as  I usually do but I have been busy (as I said above).

ONE LAST NOTE: It’s clinically proven that a little sugar after lunch and dinner makes you happier. Just sayin’…