The aftermath of a blog post


Let’s just say… I have been a little more obnoxious than usual probably due to the fact that I have been playing SWAT with my little brothers. It’s a very fun game that includes darkness, running around, scaring each other (and shrieking), and guns.

What could be funner?Β And no, funner is not a word. Yes, I do know that and yes, I still use it.

Anyways, this sort of activity doesn’t really encourage me to act…maturely. So, we have all been crazier than usual.

Tonight at dinner, everything one person said would immediately be followed by a “your face…” and then, “Oh.” “Really?” “Why do you think that?” and “I’m sorry you feel that way!”

It was really amusing and probably doubly annoying.

Abby: I am getting you so many presents for Christmas

Yours Truly: Your face is getting me so many presents for Christmas! Er… I mean Oh! Really? Why do you think that? I’m sorry you feel that way.


Me: Well, it’s all up to Abby.

Abby: Your face is all up to me. I mean, Oh! Really? Why do you think that? I’m sorry you feel that way!


You know, that kind of edifying conversation. We laughed a lot. No, we aren’t always that rude… πŸ˜‰

That's James behind all the guns on the far left! πŸ˜‰

FINALLY! Some pictures! πŸ™‚