New Perspectives

So today, well actually yesterday, I got my next issue of Runner’s World.

Why they send the “May” issue the day before April 1st is beyond me…but anyways.

So today on the way to church I was reading it and I had an inspiration.

They suggested that instead of running miles, you should run time. Meaning instead of saying, “I’m going to run three miles today. You would say I’m going to run for thirty minutes today.” Now, for some people this may be the same thing and that is completely fine but I totally understand how this is a much better way to come at running.

You see, I run three miles on Mondays. Which only takes me twenty-four minutes tops. Running for only twenty-four minutes isn’t long enough to improve or to get a sufficient workout. So, tomorrow I’m going to try something different.

Instead of saying, “Today I will run three miles.” Or, “Actually, I’m going to run five miles!” I’m just going to say, “I’m going to run for fifty minutes.” Because then I can focus on endurance rather than speed or distance.

Another reason this is good is because it’s good half-marathon training. And it’s a lot easier to commit to run fifty minutes then five or six miles, because no one’s setting a pace then, you know? When fifty minutes is up, you’re done. But if you set a mile goal, you’re not done until you reach it, regardless of whether it takes fifty minutes or an hour and a half. I’m really kind of excited to focus on something other than speed.

Also, I’m just excited to get back to running. I’m not sure if I told you this but the way I go about “dieting” is that throughout the week I am allowed one sweet thing a day and then on the weekends I can eat “as much” sugar as I want. That’s what Sofia Vergara does and it seems to work well for her! 😉 Actually I just found out that’s what she does cause I was just reading a magazine! 🙂 Anyways, besides that, I also have to work out every day of the week, except for weekends when I have no obligations too. I can if I want to but I don’t have to!

Sadly, this weekend I was itching to go for a run. Not so much yesterday, but today my mom jetted off on a run and it was soo beautiful I really wanted to go. But I didn’t. Because I burnt out on Friday and I need to give my body a rest. And if I’m going to run fifty minutes tomorrow then I need to chill out today! 🙂

Anyways, so I am really glad to get back to running tomorrow because I have definitely eaten my fair share of sweets! 😉 And I need to prep for the holiday coming up!!

I love Easter so much. But that is another post for another day. I will post pictures of my Easter dress for this year as well! 🙂 It is very cute!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂


Be proud, be very proud

So, today I was cranky. Yeesh. I would NOT have put up with myself. So firstly, thanks to all of you who put up with me…

Okay, the reason I was so darn grumpy is because I was tired. See, I humor myself by believing that during break I will catch up on lost sleep. But during break I always stay up late cause I know that I can sleep in. But I can’t. Like it is physically impossible for my body (or brain or whatever) to stay asleep past 9:30. And I am like the kind of person who needs to be in bed by 10. This explains my love for computers seeing as it is already 10:25…

So. I was tired. So, after snapping at multiple people I decided to run. At first, I was only going to run 3 miles cause I was so tired. But once I got to 3 miles, I decided I would run 4 miles. But at 4 miles I wouldn’t stop. I was tired and gasping for air (I probably could have crawled up those hills faster) but I finished my last mile ending up running 5 miles! That’s the longest I have run since like November!

I was SO happy. I felt So good. And thus starts my half-marathon training! 🙂

Oh and my new year’s resolution list so far has one thing:

I will run 500 miles throughout all of 2012.

WOW. That’s alot. And since I am on break (i.e. my brain is on break) I can’t really work out how many miles I have to run each week. If I ran every day I would only have to run 1.4 miles, but that’s lame and I don’t run every day so I don’t know how many I would have to run…

Anyways, my half-marathon training has officially recommenced and I am training for a spring marathon (TBA) as well as the Chicago Half-Marathon (September) and of course the Monster Dash (October).