Genetically Humorous

So today I have decided to talk about humor levels.

Okay, let me just say one thing before I begin this. I am not funny. At all. I know a few people who laugh at the “funny” things that I say. It’s a big ego boost for me but I have no idea why they are laughing. Just saying.

Let’s start with Peter. He is my youngest brother. Everyone thinks he is funny because he is so darn cute. He is funny. And cute. So, he has the whole cuteness factor going for him. Also, he is very smart for his age, so he says things that wouldn’t be funny except that he’s so young. Also, he’s kinda sarcastic which always strikes us as funny.

Next up is James. I think I shall call him the “Accidental Comedian”. He TRIES very hard to be funny and sometimes he is. But the times he is the most hilarious is when he isn’t even TRYING to be funny. Like when he fried rotten salami. Let me assure you that it was NOT funny at the time. At all. One tiny bit. It smelled SO gross and I was like, “James. Seriously. How could you NOT have known that was rotten?” Our kitchen, our family room, actually our whole house smelled like burnt oil and burnt rotten meat for the rest of the day. But, today I was laughing about it. See, when I laugh about this, he thinks I am making fun of him. I’m not. I’m just laughing cause what he did was so funny. I could tell you a million of these sorts of stories. But I won’t.

John is just funny. I have no idea how he does it. But he is hilarious. Of all of us, he is the one who can get us laughing the hardest. All my friends think he is hilarious. He always has funny things to say, funny stories to tell, jokes he heard “somewhere”. Seriously, the kid is a barrel of laughs. Am I jealous? Maybe a little. 🙂

I am not funny. At all. I try to be funny. And I fail. Sometimes I can make people laugh when I do something stupid. But that’s purely accidental. But I’m not an accidental comedian like James, cause I don’t really do that many funny things. I think I’m hilarious. But I just have this weird sense of humor that only I understand. I do have some friends who think I’m hilarious. I love those friends.

Abby is funny. To me at least. She is sarcastic-like Peter. It cracks me up. She says the things that I’m thinking. She can make ANYTHING funny. On Sunday, we were really tired from our late-night festivities of the night before, so we were laying on our beds and she was reading me entries from my old diaries. She has a way of doing it that makes it really funny. Even the serious or “sad” stuff (because seriously what is serious or sad in the life of an 11-year-old girl…especially if that girl is me).

So, what can we conclude from this? Well have you ever heard of Mendelian Genetics?

It goes like this:

Okay let’s say that the gene for being uproariously funny is F. And so then the gene for being not even one tiny bit funny is f. Okay? So if a person had one F and one f, that means they are funny half the time. So, that’s my parents. They are each Ff.

So here’s my parent’s chart:

So, are you following me so far? That’s my parent’s genes up there. The four empty boxes are their “kids” (not yet born). The possibilities of gene mixes.

So, that’s the first mix of genes because you take the gene from the row and from the column. Get it? So the rest would fill out like this:

So, that’s how it goes. But, not necessarily in that order. See first, Abby was born. She’s an Ff.

And then John would go into FF and James would go into Ff. Another chart would be made and Peter would be an Ff. And what am I? ff.

See, mendelian genetics can explain anything.

And yes. I do think this is highly amusing.





Wall of mirrors

I have a wall in my room. It’s right next to the closet and it’s small. And orange. When i was painting my room, well actually when I was FINISHED painting my room, we had these adhesive mirrors that I stuck on that little orange wall.

When I was finished I was quite proud of my artistic pursuits and decided to turn that little wall into a “mirror wall”. I kid you not. However, the only mirror we had laying around at the time was an old oval mirror with a limp white ribbon to hold it by. Did this stop me? Does anything stop me? (No.) So, I got a nail and hammered it into the wall and hung up the nail. I figured I could go down to the resale shop and get some more mirrors. You know like glue little hand mirrors on the wall and find different shaped mirrors to hang up! It was gonna be awesome.

However, no one ever tells you how expensive mirrors are. or at least, they are in my book. In my book, it says that everything in a resale shop should cost 10 dollars or less. No I am NOT paying 12 bucks for a hand mirror and I do NOT care if it’s vintage or not! So, i never really bought any more mirrors.

The other thing that happened was I kind of moved on to other things. LIke making stuff out of t-shirts. 🙂 Much more useful pursuit considering I won like 20 dollars or something like that! 🙂 So, my point is that because of my lack of mirrors at the moment, I never really “finished” my mirror wall.

The other day I was in my room. I was just doing stuff and then I looked at that orange wall and started laughing so hard. Like, “WOW!!! I am so lame!” Seriously, if you ever saw it you would laugh too. Well, actually you probably wouldn’t cause it’s only funny to me.

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Why I run…part 1,000,000

So… after my half-marathon and after my injury, I kinda stopped running. I guess you could say I lost interest. I still liked it..but I could never seemt o find time to do it later than 7 in the morning…which, in Illinois is currently dark and freezing. That could also be a fact for not really wanting to run.

So Friday I didn’t run. And Saturday I was at a friend’s house. When I got back I FELT like I could run at least 6 miles… but that didn’t happen. I stayed up late Saturday and then Sunday though I would have liked to squeeze a run out of my tired body I instead went shoe-shopping and made turkey cookies.

By Sunday night, I was frustrated, hyper, and feeling rather fat.

This is what I wrote last night:

I’m so aggravated.

Lately, it seems that I’ve gotten an extra burst of energy. I can’t sit still for more than five minutes. I have to be jumping or twirling or kicking or singing or something to get all this pent-up agitation OUT!!

Also, I have almost zero tolerance. I just want to say immediately what pops in my head, barking at my little bros or saying something obnoxious to a friend. i want to punch a wall…

…I wanna go. Be outside. Run. Bike. Swim. Jump. Swing. Be active. But I’m so busy. I don’t have time. I wanted to run yesterday, but I couldn’t. Yesterday, iknew I had energy for at least 6 miles. That’s 6 miles of energy that carried over to today. i wanted to bike after church, long and leisurely or hard. 3 miles out, 3 miles back. But I didn’t. I made food instead. I’ve got restless legs.

I want to move. I am wamr from all the energy inside of me.

I want to be loud, I want to scream. I want to sing. I want to cry. I want people to listen and understand. I want to be LEFT ALONE…

Clearly, I was in a mood. Quite upset.

But today… I got to run! 6 miles. I haven’t run more than 3 miles since my half-marathon! And I kept at an average pace of 8:30 minute mile! I was SO happy when I finished my run! And tired. And sore. But HAPPY! And not agitated, aggravated, or annoyed.

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That is why I run. Cause it keeps me sane. And happy. (And fit.)

So, cold winds, snow, and winter aren’t keeping me from my trails.

That’s probably a good thing.

A grumpy Claire is not a fun Claire

Dancing to Christmas Music

The funnest thing in the world:

Blasting music and singing to it at the top of your lungs.

Ok so maybe it’s not the funnest thing ever but it is REALLY fun!!!

And right now, we (the kids) are hooked on Christmas music!

Obviously. 🙂

Well, my little brothers are hooked on all things Christmas. They have 3 small Christmas trees set up in their room, a Christmas train, and like 5 strings of Christmas lights all hung up in their room. And they did it all themselves (well, John helped a little) because my dad has a “no Christmas before Thanksgiving” rule… which no one follows. Sorry Dad!

Also, these two little Christmas elves I am related to, have a radio playing 93.9 LITE FM CONSTANTLY. It’s nice because when I walk upstairs I can hear it and I LOVE Christmas music!!

Yesterday, Pete came and got me from my room and we danced to the Peanuts Christmas song!!

Ya, I made a great comic to go with that. BUT, K9 blocks the vodpod download I need to upload it onto here and…my dad forgot the password (a great reason to ALWAYS tell ME your passwords!!) But, you can always look at this comic and others at

Yup! 🙂

I am slightly obsessed with comics right now.

Don’t worry, this soon shall pass! 🙂

And with nothing else to say I will end this post without any pizazz.. 😦

sad sad


(Post from yesterday)

Today I went on a run.

I felt SO unmotivated! Truthfully, I just wanted to skip it. But i really felt like I should go cause I went to my friend’s house last night and ate pizza and lots of ice cream and pop and today I went to a party and knew I would be eating alot so I figured I should get in some exercise. And I knew that if I hadn’t run today I would’ve been mad at myself. 😛

So, I went. I pulled on my clothes and went.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! SO lovely.

But I felt weird.

You see.

Last night at my friend’s house, I went rollerblading. Now, I rollerbladed every single day this summer. But slacked off once the school year started. And oh. my. goodness. My abs are SO sore!!!!

So, I was gonna run 4 miles at an 8-minute pace today. Nope. My first mile was 8 minutes. My second mile was 8:30-minute pace. My 3rd mile was 9-minute pace. And my last mile I walked cause my abs hurt so bad. 😛

Last night:


That’s me the night before!

On my run:

And yes, I am so very proud of this!! My first-ever comic strip! And hopefully not my last!! rox


Yes, this is a picture courtesy of pixton. And I highly suggest you check this website out cause it ROCKS!!!!! 🙂 And it’s really fun to make the comics. It can take awhile but it’s really fun! 🙂


My very sugary no-sugar day

This is why one should always go running in the morning!

I always feel so refreshed after my morning runs!

For the past couple of days I have been feeling sucrose/glucose-intolerant (every time I thought of sugar I felt sick).

Today when I went on my morning run, a dear (very loyal) friend came along! It was great! I love running by myself but knowing that I am gonna be out in the freezing cold with my own thoughts doesn’t exactly *pop* me out of my bed in the morning.

However, I have found that at 7 in the morning I come up with “brilliant” ideas, like volunteering to go off sugar for a week with her.

I almost lasted a day.

Now, in my defense, my kind of sugar detox does not involve completely cutting out all sugar, just cutting out most of it.

Me being healthy

So, saying no to all sugar for a well, something I would only say yes to at 7 in the morning!!

I had a very healthy breakfast and continued to “enjoy” my sugar-free day until I got home from Speech at 7 and started making brownies.

Let’s just say, Sugar-free week is starting tomorrow!

There is a little picture, hanging in my nana’s bathroom, with a picture of a rather fat hippopotamus staring into a river. The caption reads something along the lines of:

“No more pineapples,

no more guavas,

no more persimmons,

no more…

 starting tomorrow”


A Falling Ordeal

I had some errands to run and decided to take my little brothers along. Tired of maneuvering my bike out of the garage, I decided we could just take scooters instead. of course, out of our original 5 scooters we only had 2 working ones + a Razorwing… this should have been a clue!

Starting down the street, the wind was blowing past, whipping my hair around my face. Fall is a beautiful season.

“Why don’t people always scooter everywhere they go?” I wondered happily to myself as we scooted along down the street.

Suffice it to say, I soon found out why exactly people stop scootering once they reach middle school!

1) Scooters are very short. So by the end of the ordeal, one will have a very sore back.

2) One leg gets very tired and the other is fine causing you to have to continuously switch legs.

3) It makes very loud clickety-clacks when it goes over every single crack in the sidewalk.

4) When you are trying to go uphill, you actually go downhill.

I think you get the idea. The worst pert of it though is that Razorwings are NOT made for transportation! They are like trick-bikes except for scooters. So guess who got to ride it for 1/2 of the whole trip?

If you guessed me, you were right!

Yep, my two little brothers who have SO much more energy than me rode the regular scooters and I rode the Razorwing…which we almost left unlocked at one of our stops cause we were so sick of it (well, me and James anyway. Peter, the owner of it didn’t like that idea very much)

The last bad thing about all this is that it’s really embarrassing!! Not so much actually riding the scooter (even though I know most kids give scooters up in 6th grade), just like, tripping over cracks. For example, we are almost home, and I am…ahem…homeschool-cursing the Razorwing. Nearing the intersection, I trip off of the scooter and the scooter kinda flies up a little. of course, I can’t really see with all my hair flying haphazardly in front of my face, so I am like a blind person trying to get her bearings. Then I kinda messed up where I put my foot and tripped and…almost fell but not quite.

Needless to say, I am very glad that no one except for the person waiting at the intersection (laughing at me) saw that happen.

Now, out of this came good! For example, I got my exercise. I was outside for a long time!

And I got a wallet and two new shirts.

So….all’s well that ends well. 🙂