Definitely Making a Comeback

I am running again!

I love it.

I also hate it.

It’s kinda disheartening how bad I am. Not that I was ever an AMAZING runner but still, huffing and puffing at a nine-minute mile isn’t usual for me. 😦

But I am getting better.

I ran 3 miles (stop.start.stop.start) on Monday and today I ran 3.44 miles and I was considerably faster…considerably being like instead of 10-minute miles I ran 9-minute miles.

The other thing I love is my iPod. It’s still kinda hard for me to believe that I actually have one. I mean all my life (this being from the time I first learned that iPods existed) I have wanted one and all my life I have thought that I was gonna have to wait till I was 18 to get one. And now, there I am!!

I seriously look like Miss Technology! I got my Garmin strapped on one wrist and earbuds hanging out of my ears. It’s like, “Hello 21st Century!! I am finally a part of you!”

Anyways, hopefully I can get up to 5 miles again soon and then I can run the Shamrock Shuffle in March (I have about 2 months. That’s doable, right?) and I will try to get up to 10 miles by April…maybe I should try to get up to 5 miles by February, 7 miles by March, 10 miles by April, and 13.1 miles by May!!! Yippee.

And I have probably just bored you with my schedule.  Sorry.

Anyways, I love that feeling I get after I have just finished a good, hard run and I am tired and sore and hungry.

Best feeling in the WORLD