First and foremost:

I love the Oscars.

It’s really dorky. I get so excited about them. Last night, as you all know, was the Oscars. So I watched it. The whole thing.

Okay, let me just say, the Oscars take place right where my hotel was when Mom and I visited LA. So, watching all those rich and famous people walking the red carpet right where I walked, made me excited albeit a lot  little jealous. Because their all prancing around outside in their thousand dollar high heels and SLEEVELESS dresses in February. Okay, any girl wants thousand dollar heels but THIS girl wants the sleeveless dresses in February.

And, for the record, I kinda got that today (with a couple of weird looks from the world). Today was a nice day. It was chilly, but sunny. And it was a warm sun. Anyways, I went running and actually sweated (for the first time in 2 months) and so I took off my jacket and ran in my sleeveless athletic shirt! YES!!! I can’t believe it was actually warm enough to do that.

Okay. It wasn’t. My arms got that freezing, stinging sensation, but I didn’t care! It was so refreshing. And kinda funny to see all those people driving past, giving me weird looks. Also, it was fun to be the ONLY person out there wearing less than jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.

Anyways, back to the Oscars. Another thing I love is the dresses. Ahhhhh! They are so pretty. See, I am such a dork about this. I just get so excited when I see everyone all dressed up fancy. Why am I like that? I have no idea.