A Wonderful Start to Labor Day Weekend

My wonderful start to Labor Day Weekend started with an 8-mile run with my mom. She rode her bike and carried all our water bottles, snacks, etc. I ran. It was HOT. It was LONG. It was HARD. Harder than I had expected actually!! But it was fun.

I also got to use my Garmin for the first time!! It was so so cool!!! But i couldn’t really figure out how to use it so that kinda stunk. All in its time though! My ♥ rate was at 190 for the majority of the run…i am not sure if that’s good or bad or what… if you know you can tell me. 🙂

I was insanely tired out for the rest of the day! But i got to go shopping and got a REALLY cute shirt and a REALLY cute skirt. And other stuff too!! But those 2 things were my favorite!!

I packed for vacation. i am the definition of over-packer.

Not actually me...

So when i pack, i pack and then i come back later and repack. for example, today i couldn’t decide if i should pack this shirt or that shirt so i packed both. That actually happened a lot of times… so i came back later and repacked my suitcase and realized I had packed 10 shirts!! This is a 6-day trip.

If you want to hear other packing stories about me you can ask my sister!

well…this will be my last post for a while. I packed my camera cord with my suitcase in hopes that i might be able to post on vacation!! But, we’ll see.

Good night, y’all,

Claire Fischer