Surprise, surprise!

Yesterday, we threw a surprise birthday party for my little brother who is turning 11.

I took him to the library.

Mom and my siblings stayed home and set up.

5 of his friends came to the party, as well as my Nana and a friend who is more my age than James’!


The party was hat-themed. This is "Hot Hat"

We also had a “Make a Hat” competition! I made a princess hat which was PRETTY cool! 🙂

I didn’t actually win though because Peter’s hat was much cooler! 🙂 There was also a “cannon” hat and a “water-shooting-out-of-your-head” hat. And a “patented nose-holder hat”! They were a pretty creative bunch!!

My pretty princess hat! =)



For dinner, we had 7-Up, hot dogs, and Pringles. Because James like junk food! It was very junk-foodish (meaning i felt sick for the rest of the night…although it could have been the many Swedish Fish and Starbursts I ate before dinner! For the record I do NOT eat candy that much. Only at parties. Usually.

He got many cool presents and from peter the age-old present wrapped many trillions of times that turned out to be a piece of gum. Oh Pete!

This was layer...10?

But, I believe that the best part of the whole party was the beginning when James and I walked in the front door and everyone shouted, “Happy Birthday!” I thought he was gonna faint! 🙂 He was VERY surprised and later told my mom, “You have the BEST parties!” Or something like that! 🙂

So, surprise party accomplished and what can we learn? Surprise parties are always at least 100% more fun than regular parties!! Actually, surprises in general are more enjoyable! 🙂