I make a discovery

Sickness is so unfun.

I am tired.

But that could be because I woke up at 6:30 today.

It could also be because I worked out at the track for half an hour and then came home, took a shower and worked out for another fifteen minutes. Oh, by the way, these are power workouts. Meaning packing the punch in a short amount of time cause that’s all I have…or else I get bored. Wait…do you want me to explain my workouts to you? Oh, you do? Grand!

So, my track workout is this:

We sprint the first curve, then walk  to the next curve and sprint that one. Then we run up and down the bleachers, equaling 449 stairs. Then we do 15 crunches and 10 push-ups. Complete 3 times. I was going to bring my Garmin today to get a calorie count but I forgot too. Next week, we will do four reps.

My at-home workout goes like this:

Five pull-ups…Now, now , now: Don’t laugh at that. Hopefully that number will rise! Anyways, after that ten crunches, then ten left-side crunches and ten right-side crunches. Then ten seconds of hanging from the bar, keeping your legs straight ( I don’t really know what to call that). Then, ten (once again, the number will rise soon enough) push-ups and ten leg lifts and ten full body crunches (Gracias a P90X). Repeat three times. It’s really fun.

Back to my main point, another reason I could be tired is because my body is fighting a cold.

Seriously? A cold? I haven’t gotten sick since pneumonia. Which was like three months ago. And I lived through that. And now a measly cold is taking me down. I am not loving this.

So why, you ask, am I writing a blog post instead of going to bed at the reasonable hour of ten? Because I like writing blog posts. And because I got 97 views yesterday (my new PR) and because I have some things to rant about( like being sick).

Okay, so y’all remember how earlier this year I was freaking out because of my winter-addiction to sugar? So I decided (keyword being decided) to go off sugar for a week. And how proud I was that I had abstained from sugar for ONE. WHOLE. WEEK! Yes, big feat in my world. Well, now my parentals have decided that we’re all going to do that. Well, not quite that extreme, but the kind of no sugar that includes having sugar like once a WEEK!!!!!!! 😦

Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like when other people tell me what to do. Especially when it involves eating sugar. But seeing as they are my parents and they’re the ones making the rules, paying the bill, and buying the food. There’s not much I can do about it.


Can you tell that sugar is a big part of my life?

Yes? Good.

Point made.

On the flip side. I went to Goodwill today and got these really cute hot-pink/black Nike running shorts!!! And another pair of American Eagle shorts. And a grey Tommy Hilfiger v-neck and an Ann Taylor sleeveless tank. See? This is why I love Goodwill. I got four awesome things for $14, where as at normal prices those four things would have cost roughly $114. That rocks.

And I just realized that I don’t even care about the no-sugar thing anymore cause I am starting to get my six-pack back and that makes me happier than sugar! 🙂

It’s always better to write about all the things I’m happy about, rather than the things that are bugging me, cause then I get happier. Why didn’t I think of this a looooong time ago? Hmm.

Not sure.

Anyways, Imma be happy but Imma be tired so good night all!

And that was an extremely weird post!