So, my family has decided that we are only gonna have 3 days out of every week when we have sugar.

This is slow death for me on the no-sugar days…which is exactly the POINT of the exercise… 😛

Regardless, yesterday was my first no-sugar day.

A bad day from the start because I was very tired. Which I should be used to by now seeing as it is NOVEMBER. Whatever.

But, at snack time there were these yellow cupcakes with that store chocolate frosting (i ♥ that stuff) and candy corn on top. I wanted one SO SO badly.

But I didn’t have any.

And I was really proud of myself afterwards. And this morning when I woke up, I felt really good and in shape. I have to be careful about what I eat so I can stay as fit as possible even though I can’t run. And so I can keep my abs. (Yes, I do have them. A 4-pack, in fact!)

Hey, small victories, right?

Today is a sugar day though. Hehehehehehehe! Sugar high!

Just kidding.