Hello Again! (A random post about lessons that turns into cluing you into what is going on in my life lately)

It’s been so long since I’ve been on here that I actually forgot my password!

I know. I know. I said I’d post again when school started but life happens and I had more interesting things to do then sit at my computer tip-tapping away about my (non-existent) life. But. NOW. I am going to sit and tippy-tap at my computer about my life that I DO in fact have and I will not post as much as I used to. SO deal.

Oh I’m just warning you. This is coming off of watching a LOT of Jenna Marbles so I am a little hyper and like…idk Jenna Marble-ish…just warning you! 

I had a great summer and a great fall. So far. I went to some parties. I met a lot of new people. I ran cross country and became amazing at running. Well, not amazing but pretty awesome. I mean life has been awesome. I’ve learned some lessons too. 

1. Don’t give your heart away when you’re 15. Just don’t. No. You’re not going to get married. So, just don’t use the word ‘love’ unless you are talking to your friends that are girls or talking about some delicious food. Or cute animals.

2. School is important. In my family, we have a rule where we have to have all our homework done before we can go do fun things. So I just do it you know? Like easy as that. Okay I actually didn’t learn that lesson cause I already knew it. Disregard this.

3. Figure out who your real friends are. Hint: No matter how much you like them, they are not the ones who back-stab you, treat you unkindly, or ignore you. They ARE the ones who listen to your rants and then forgive you, apologize for what they did wrong without making excuses, listen to you, and are there for you when you need them.

4. Don’t do stuff on a whim. Like seriously? Whoever came up with the saying, “Follow your heart” was stupid. Don’t follow your head either. Just….get lots of advice. From a lot of different people. Of different ages.

5. You never know how people will react. If you haven’t already figured this out, I had a bit of a “relationship” through the past couple weeks. And I want to talk about it. It’s not secret anymore. But it was a big part of my life. And leaving it out would be leaving out a big part of who I have become. But the point of this lesson is that, some of the people I told about this who I thought would react in an “I told you so” fashion were actually the most sympathetic and understanding towards me. And some of the ones who I thought would care, just didn’t. So…don’t lose hope. Someone always cares.

6. Move on. Just do. And you need to find someone who will slap you upside the head and scream at you, “Move on.” But that person also has to hug you at those hard moments and tell you it’s gonna be okay. And she/he has to understand what you’re going through.

7. P!nk is awesome. Have you heard her new album? So amazing.

8. I know that I haven’t talked a lot about God on here in awhile. I actually had one of my readers talk to me about it. He said, “You know I really appreciated when you talked about God on here. Could you do that more?” And I said, “I really don’t feel like I am in a place where I could talk about how much I LOVE God and how wonderful He is and how much I am striving to live a godly life, when truthfully I’m not.” But I’m at a different place now. I don’t know. This summer was really great. I absolutely loved it. But it was hard too. A lot of self-discovery going on. And now I know myself a little better and I know what I want and being a Christian is definitely something that I want. I can’t imagine my life without Christianity a part of it. I do believe in God. I do want to please Him. I’m not perfect and you can’t always tell I am a Christian but I do love God. We are going to the most amazing church now and it really has been quite a wake-up call for me. So, I’m refocusing my life. This should be fun….

9. Injuries stink. I actually couldn’t run for the past two weeks because of a knee injury. It is serious deja vu. Ugh. Even with my stretching, I’m still side-lined. At my highest point over the cross-country season, I ran a 21:11 5k. My best time ever. And it was amazing. And today I ran for the first time in two weeks and I ran 2.6 miles. I couldn’t even run three miles. And I ran it in 21:25. I’m really trying to not let that upset me. Because I know that I am making a comeback. Oh, and the pain when I was done running those painfully slow 2 and a half miles? It was UNBEARABLE. I thought I was going to barf my knee hurt so bad. But I ran today. And that’s something! 🙂 And I love cross country. I am so sad it’s over.

10. Friends are awesome. Guys. Friends are so important. I am so thankful for my friends. They are so good to me. I know I’m hyperactive. I know I talk a lot. I know that I can be sooo annoying. I know I can get a little obsessive. But they stick it out. Cause they love me. And knowing that is just really…sometimes the only thing I’m living for. I’m not in any way suicidal but, everyone has those days where they’re like, “What am I even doing? I should just run away and start over!” But I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave my friends. This includes my family. Cause even though they’re annoying, my brothers are so sweet and fun. And even though she yells at me for not doing the laundry, my sister is the one who is up at one in the morning making me laugh after a really. bad. day. And my parents, even though they annoy me sometimes, are really pretty great. So guys, find friends who love you and who will always believe the best of you and who will take you for who you are. And if you need someone to talk to, I’m here. Cause I know how important it is to have someone there to listen to you.

11. Contrary to popular belief, sleep actually DOES make the world go round. Those people who stay up till like three in the morning and then get up at six? Or those people who pull all-nighters? i have no idea what is wrong with them. I need my sleep. Which is why I will end my very random post now even though I could continue. Cause I need to go to bed. And I still have reading to do….

hmmmmm. why am i writing a blog post? oh yeah cause I’m sick of school…



I hope you all like my new theme! I figured it was time to change it! I needed something colorful!

Today’s been a lovely spring day!

I had pancakes for breakfast. Peter and James were making them during my online class and as soon as it ended Peter brought me this:

Complete with the fork laid on top! He's so cute. ❤

They were really good.

Then James and I went on a walk and took these (and more) lovely pictures. I have a ton of cute ones of the two of us…but apparently I’m not supposed to post pictures of my brothers so…

I love this picture! This is exactly what I had in mind and James captured it perfectly! *applause*

Spring is here! And I am so glad! Everything is so pretty! I had been hoping to get some pictures on here of the fresh beauty we are experiencing! 😉 The walk was really fun. James and I talked and tried to rap. I failed… but I always do so it was nothing new. 🙂


When we got home, I did my school. Exciting!! I know. But it hasn’t really been a big part of today because it only took a couple of hours. As you all know, today is a running day. but I’m not going to.

But I have an excuse!

Always have an excuse.

My excuse is that I don’t feel too good. Just kind of congested and tired. And that’s always worse when it’s warm out! 😛 Of course I wouldn’t normally let that get in the way of my exercise, but since I have a race coming up, I MUST get better by Sunday and I think missing one day of running will be okay. Tomorrow I’m back though!

And that’s been my day. A typical summer day. Except usually I would go running! I have enjoyed my freedom though. No, not freedom from running…well kinda. What I meant was that because I didn’t have running or babysitting my day was cleared up to do other things like go to the library! And change my blog! 🙂


A Day at School

I am gonna be a teacher.

Like my aunt.

I got to visit her classroom today.

It was SO fun!

I have been begging for YEARS for her to let me come visit her class for the day and finally she agreed!!

I spent last night at her house and then got up early this morning (well, early for me: 6:15). We stopped at Mcdonald’s on the way for a sweet tea for her and a peppermint mocha for me (it wasn’t really that great).

We got to the school at 7 and set up a bunch of different things before the kids arrived. I met some of my aunt’s fellow-teachers who were all really friendly and said I looked “just like your mother” and that the last time they had seen me I was “this tall” (which is very short).

At 8:30, the kids come. My aunt teaches first grade and the kids are SO cute!

They are really good for the most part! 🙂

It was Bring Your Stuffed Animal Day so they all had stuffed animals. We wrote paragraphs about our stuffed animals and then read them to the class.

They took spelling tests.

They had gym and art. I went EVERYWHERE with them, including gym, art, recess, and lunch! 😉

It was fun and tiring!

But now I know for sure that I’m gonna be a teacher when I grow up! 🙂

Kids are so cute and fun to be with!

My aunt is an AMAZING teacher. I know this because I have seen it and been told it by many of the other teachers there. It’s true. She is no-nonsense, but very fun and creative. She’s been teaching for a LOOOONG time and she’s got everything figured out! 🙂

I got to talk to one of the employees at the school who ran the Chicago marathon this year. She wanted to know how my half marathon had gone! So, I talked to her for about half an hour. She gave me lots of advice about shoes (always buy half-size larger) and my knee (:P ). And she told me about a really cool website that has free training programs! I am SO using that! 🙂

I hope that I can go back to the school soon to help out again soon!!!!!


Science…and running. (I am sure they mix somehow, but not in this entry)

Every Monday and Friday I am a teacher.

I teach my little brothers.


They don’t exactly enjoy it.

I mean they are 10 (almost 11) and 9 so i can’t exactly expect them to sit still and be FASCINATED with science…but they could AT LEAST fake it!

No. For the most part, they are really good students. They sit next to me on the couch and draw while i read to them and then they do the questions at the end (with a little help from me).

I think today was just an… “off” day.

Anyways, i teach my brothers science during spanish class which my mom teaches and meets in our basement. Today the parents of 2 of the students said this: “Hi Claire. You wonderful person!” and i was like, “Hi!?” wondering WHY ON EARTH I WAS WONDERFUL!!! 🙂 (I like to know these things) And she said she thinks it’s GREAT that i teach P and Ja science!!

It was really interesting because i never really realized that people would notice me teaching them, you know? I mean people have their own busy lives. Why would they care about what i was doing??

Ok…everything i am trying to write here is sounding really self-centered…so forget it. 🙂

I ran 6 miles today! yay me! 🙂 I love running and i can’t WAIT to run my half-marathon!!! I think i have one picked out! It’s called the Chicago Monster Half-marathon!!! EEK!!! It is going to be so so fun!!

I am scared…

but excited.

Very excited.

Anyway, i am going to get sponsors…if i can find any! 🙂


Pretty cool, huh?

I am super excited!! Like, I can’t stop thinking about it!!!

Is it nerdy to like school?

well, if it is…then i am a nerd! 🙂 It’s true! I love school…well, no, i love being busy and i love being scheduled. I love all the different classes i am taking and I like knowing what i am doing each day! I like meeting new people. And I am REALLY excited about starting WSHSB! I like the different seasons (despite the fact that i complain about them so much!! 🙂 ) I just like school…well, besides tests. And when i am talking about school i say i don’t like but…hey, i have to maintain my “coolness factor”!!! jk! 😛

Coolness factor

This was made by Peter and according to him, Abby and I have 80 on the coolness factor, John has 70, James has 90, and he, himself gets 100! 🙂

Well Peter did that, John and i wrestled (yes, i am immature) and had a pushup competition…well we started but we never finished..
Anyway!! Back to the point!
Actually no. End of the post.