I ran 5 miles today!! It felt so good!! Also, it was the fastest I had ever run that distance! 🙂 And I know that I can get even faster! 🙂

I am so so excited about my race!

Finally I have something on my schedule again!!! I signed up for it today. Geesh! Races are expensive!!! Why are they so expensive??? WHY?

Anyways, I suppose it’s worth it. At least, to me it is.

I love Fridays.

I have like three school things and then nothing else. Here’s how my day went:

I slept until 8:30 and then bolted out of bed and got ready REALLY quickly so I could babysit at 9. I had a breakfast bar and V8 juice for breakfast. When I babysat, I made brownies for the kids and we had brownies with chocolate frosting for lunch!

Then I went home and ran 5 miles which was lovely because it was a beautiful day! I did some school. I went to the library with John. We had quite a fun time.

I love days when I run because I don’t really get dressed till after my run. Like, I get dressed but I don’t wear nice clothes. Usually just workout clothes. And usually no makeup. Then after my run and my shower ( I love showers), depending on the time of day, I will either put on sweatpants and a t-shirt or “nice clothes” (i.e. jeans and a shirt).

Today, after my run, I put on jeans and a athletic shirt. I wasn’t gonna put on makeup but John wanted to go to the library so I put on some mascara. We looked veery snazzy! 😉

Yes, lovely lovely! 😉

I like John. When we were little, we were like best friends. We are 14 months apart so Dad called us Irish twins, which technically we weren’t but close enough! 😉 Anyways, we were very close and we always played Playmobil and Lego’s together. Then for a couple years, we always fought. I think it was mostly my fault. I can be exceedingly crabby… anyways, but now we are better friends. Much better friends. We tell each other basically everything and give each other advice.

He is so funny. Much much funnier than me. But that’s not very difficult. I’m sarcastic. I have this weird sense of humor. He’s sarcastic but he’s also just really funny. So unfair.

He also talks a lot. A LOT. Seriously. He never stops talking. Sometimes it’s annoying but usually I don’t care. When I’m with him, he talks way more than me. People are always surprised by how little I talk when I am around him. It’s not that I’m NOT talkative. I am. I always say things in MORE words rather than less, I have an opinion on everything. I am loud. But he’s louder. And he has more to say.

I could tell you all about him. But I won’t. Because it would take too long.

I love him.

His birthday is in March. He’s going to be 14. He’s almost taller than me. Grr.

However, I am still older and I can still beat him at almost everything! 😉 Except basketball.

Sorry this was so random. I have been writing a LOT of papers and speeches this week so my brain is a little mangled…