One of those days

Today i was so grumpy.

I don’t even know why.

Maybe I am just tired.

Anyway, i snapped at alot of people and acted all around snotty…

so if I hurt anyone’s feelings I am VERY sorry!!!! I don’t know why I was being such a jerk today!! 😦

I really had no reason to be mean and grumpy…except that it was hot.

I mean i went shopping with my friends and got some clothes. I played tennis with Abby. I had a clarinet lesson. Nothing unusual really….

I guess it was just one of those days.

Hmm. I tried to upload “grumpy” pictures…but i couldn’t find any on the internet and i couldn’t find any in our documents (well, actually i found one but Abby would KILL me if i put it on here!! 😛 ).

So, you iwll have to live without pictures today… sorry. 😦