Wall of mirrors

I have a wall in my room. It’s right next to the closet and it’s small. And orange. When i was painting my room, well actually when I was FINISHED painting my room, we had these adhesive mirrors that I stuck on that little orange wall.

When I was finished I was quite proud of my artistic pursuits and decided to turn that little wall into a “mirror wall”. I kid you not. However, the only mirror we had laying around at the time was an old oval mirror with a limp white ribbon to hold it by. Did this stop me? Does anything stop me? (No.) So, I got a nail and hammered it into the wall and hung up the nail. I figured I could go down to the resale shop and get some more mirrors. You know like glue little hand mirrors on the wall and find different shaped mirrors to hang up! It was gonna be awesome.

However, no one ever tells you how expensive mirrors are. or at least, they are in my book. In my book, it says that everything in a resale shop should cost 10 dollars or less. No I am NOT paying 12 bucks for a hand mirror and I do NOT care if it’s vintage or not! So, i never really bought any more mirrors.

The other thing that happened was I kind of moved on to other things. LIke making stuff out of t-shirts. 🙂 Much more useful pursuit considering I won like 20 dollars or something like that! 🙂 So, my point is that because of my lack of mirrors at the moment, I never really “finished” my mirror wall.

The other day I was in my room. I was just doing stuff and then I looked at that orange wall and started laughing so hard. Like, “WOW!!! I am so lame!” Seriously, if you ever saw it you would laugh too. Well, actually you probably wouldn’t cause it’s only funny to me.

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