I’m Back, World

I totally adore tournaments!

They are so so fun!

At the same time, they are stressful, tiring, looong, emotional, etc.

Mostly, they’re emotional cause you are so tired. And mostly, they are stressful, because well, first, there’s lots of rules; secondly, you are performing something you’ve been working on for a loong time; third, you do no other school, so when it’s all over you are REALLY behind; and fourth, you get little to no sleep because you get home late every night and wake up early every morning and it’s always hard to fall asleep cause you’re so riled up from all the endorphins bouncing around.

But I love them.

At this tournament, I had two speeches: my running persuasive and my Katie Davis biographical narrative.

I really wish I’d had more time for my Katie Davis speech because if it had been memorized I think I might’ve broken with it. Everyone liked it.

Everyone liked my running speech too, but the thing is… most persuasives are about deep subjects like stress( Abby’s), being mature, not neglecting different people groups, even modern child slavery.

So mine is like, light and fluffy, and not very moving really…

But I still like it. And I’m still going to Regionals with it. Just not because of this tournament, which was disappointing. Abby broke in two of her speeches though which was REALLY cool!! And some of my other friends too.

I think I’ve already explained this but for those who don’t know, “break” means that after EVERy competitor gives their speech three times, the judges decide who will perform a fourth time for semifinals and then from there to finals, etc.

In between performing my speeches, I talked to friends, accomplished little school, walked around, dranklotsof chai tea latter ( my new favorite), yawned, laughed, ate, watched rounds, etc.

Really enjoyable.

A fantastic thing about tournaments is that everyone there loves to talk and they are (for the most part) super friendly. So, you make like countless new friends. It’s just…really fun!

It’s kind of hard to explain. Imagine a (small) college campus with about 400 people roaming around in speech attire. All talking. Oh, and the weather is freezing. That’s the tournament.

Some will be practicing their speeches. Others will be playing games on their iTouches ( I was impressed by the number of iPods and iPads and iTouches at the tourney!!). Others will be debating each other. Lots of those debaters. Seriously. Speech and debate is their life. For the most part.

See, for me? My life does not revolve around speech and debate. It does not revolve around any one school subject. It does not revolve around running. My life kind of revolves around everything I do. Which is why I’m not good at one particular thing. Just okay at a variety of things. Which is why I am not the girl who places in every single speech category. Mainly because I’m only giving two speeches… but also cause I don’t put the time and effort into my speeches that others do into theirs.

Next year? Will be different. I’m already starting to plan what speeches I’m going to do. I’m such a planner.

But I wanna do well. I’m also debating.

Tournaments are really inspiring. There’s a large variety of competitors: the ones who win at everything, the ones who are doing it cause they are forced to, and the ones who are just so-so. And when I get to a tourney and I’m competing with these kids who have AMAZING speeches or are amazing at giving speeches or debating or whatever…I just get so inspired.

To do better. And try harder.

I’m sorry that I have no pictures (as usual). I’m horrible at taking pictures. I mean they always look fine, but I hate the whole “lugging around of the camera” and having to be that annoying person who whips out their camera shrieking “PHOTO OP!!” every five seconds. So, I rarely take pictures. Unless, I’m super bored. I’m rarely that bored.

Things I Wanted To Happen That Didn’t:

1) break in my speeches

2) stay at a hotel (it turned out to be fine that we stayed at home!! 🙂 )

3) Run. Okay, maybe Joliet isn’t the safest area on the planet but it has such amazing hills and the weather was beautiful. And I had all that free time. *sigh*

Things I Didn’t Expect That Were Good:

1) meeting so many new people

2) Starbucks chai tea lattes every morning!!

3) hanging out with two amazing girls for two hours Wednesday night (you know who you are!! 😉 )

4) Warm weather!! Need I say more?

5) Driving past a prison the first day. Omigoodness! It was so creepy and awesome. That was by far the highlight of my morning! 😛

Things I Didn’t Expect That Were Bad:

1) My back hurt the entire time. I could not get the knot to go away. No matter how much I kneaded, cracked, and stretched my back, it remained. As a matter of fact, I still have it. 😛

Yeah that was really the only bad thing…

Things I Wanted To Happen That Did Happen:

1) Abby to break in at least one of her speeches. She broke in two!

2) To get to hang out with the awesome people I know!!

3) To get inspired!

Okay and there’s probably a million more things I could write about. Like my current state of sleep depravation, and random conversations I had or games we played or my ballots or “This one round I was giving my speech and…”

But I’m not going to.

Because this is something that is special to me. Not to you.

And it’s 10 and I’m tired!!!!








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