Fair Day

Today was the first day of the Dupage County Fair and I’m SUPER excited about it! Firstly, cause i entered some things i made in it and i won first place!!And 2 third places and a fourth place…not that i am boasting or anything!! 🙂 The cooll thing is that my best friend was SO happy for me and she jumped around with me and squealed even though, she didn’t win first place with her AMAZING drawing!

The second nice thing about the fair is that i get to hang out with my cool friends…okay i will put a picture of them in eventually.. 😛
Oh, and we got matching monster “tattoos” that we got painted on our biceps!! Nothing like a Monster tattoo!! I have had Monster once in my life…but having it painted on my arm makes me feel happy. 🙂
When i got home from the fair i finished reading a book called, When Dreams Come True. It is a great book!! Read it! I highly recommend it!
Ok. I have to go. Bye

2 thoughts on “Fair Day

  1. Jenny Y. says:

    I know I’ve only had a monster once ever! but me and “Anne” went to the tattoo booth and I got a green monster tattoo too! SPARKLY! 😀

    The fair is soooo fun, isn’t it?!


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