My Girl

Today i got to babysit my girl. Her name is myla and i love her to the ENDS of the earth!

This is my sweet girl

 She didn’t feel too good today. 😦

At 3, i went to the fair with Lisa, Tess, and my sister Abby. It was fun. I walked around with them and we looked at exhibits. I found out that the reason i got 1st with my dress is cause no one else had entered in that number. Abby says it doesn’t matter cause i still win… whatever!! 😛

My 1st place dress!!!!

 We also looked at all the rides which were so cool!!! Yesterday was $1 ride day but i didn’t get to go on any so…i was bummed about that but maybe i will go on some tomorrow even thugh the rides are 6 bucks! 😛

And there was Buttons the Clown. Now truthfully, clowns scare me… but i still took  a picture with him…

…which will NOT upload so you can’t see it.

Hey. i am getting better at this!!! Have patience! 🙂 ( I still feel like i am talkign to nobody!! )




One thought on “My Girl

  1. Jenny Y. says:

    Myla is adorable! I love babysitting! 🙂
    Your dress is pretty! congrats on getting first! I need to go see it next time I’m at the fair..
    I loveee your blog! can’t wait to see more posts!

    Isabel ❤

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